Daniel's Timeline

  • Jan 1, 1492

    Columbus Sailed the Ocean Blue

    Christoper Columbus began his first voyage as an explorer and was set to find India. He came across the West Indies instead, and considered himself a huge failure. We now know that what he did changed the world forever.
  • Jan 2, 1511

    First Enslaved Africans Arrived in the Americas

    The Africans have become the slaves of the residents of the New World soon after the idea of having Native Americans as slaves did not work out. These Africans were a better subsitute to the Indians because the Africans were immune to most Euopean diseases, they were easy to spot when escaping, and they did not know the area well.
  • Jan 3, 1521

    Cortez Conquers the Aztec Empire

    Cortez conquering the Aztecs was an easy task for him. When he first arrived in the Aztec area, they believed he was a god returning from a prophecy. He wanted all their gold and said that he "had a sickness that could only be cured by gold." Later on, the Spanish killed some Aztecs because thy were celebrating a religious festival of a religion other than Christianity. The Aztecs alter rebelled, and the Spanish fought back and won.
  • Jan 4, 1533

    Pizarro Conquered the Incan Empire

    When Pizarro and his crew went to conquer the Incans, the Incans had no idea who these people were. They called them crazy for the way that they dressed and acted. Their leader, Atahualpa, was later captured for trying to challenge Pizarro and he gave a ransom for his living. Once the ransom was collected, Pizarro killed him anyway.
  • English Found Jamestown

    The beginning of Jamestown being settled was a disaster. The Europeans were so concerened with finding gold and silver that they didn't plant any crops. Many people living in Jamestown soon died because of this. A long time later, the people of Jamestown had settled down a little more and living there was not nearly as bad, and it became the first permanent settlement of England.
  • English Found Plymouth

    After the English considered Jamestown to be a success, they soon started a new colony called Plymouth. It was made up of Pilgrims who left England because they wanted religious freedom because they believed that the Angelican church was corrupt. Unlike Jamestown where it was harder to populate because the colony was made up of mostly men, they could populate more easily here because there was a more even gender ratio.
  • French and Indian War Ends

    While the British and French have their colonies expanding, they eventually started to interfere with each other. Then, they came to one point where the land beame disputed. The dispution eventually lead to the French and Indian War, and the British won after many years and took all of France's conquered land.