Dance Timeline

  • Period: 500 to May 2, 1400

    Medieval Period

    Church saw dance as a pagan activity
    Banned unless glorified by the church.
    "Dance of Death" emerged.
    Islamic dance bloomed; done for rituals and entertainment purposes.
    Italy, where it was performed as an interpretation of fencing.
    Entertainment for the court.
    Based on social event of a day.
  • Period: May 2, 1200 to

    Renaissance Period

    Catherine de Medici.
    France and Russia where ballet was developed with simplistic floor patterns and poses with elaborate costumes.
    King Louis XIV granted 1st school of ballet; Academy of Dance.
    Renewed interest in art.
    Dance became more about the individual artist.
    Court ballets flourished; folk dancing remained popular.
    Ballet emerged as professional art form.
    Ballet took on a more serious theatrical quality.
    Turned out position and vocabulary developed.
  • Ballet 17th Century

    Ballet 17th Century
    Balled was recognized as a viable art form.
  • Jazz 17th Century

    Jazz 17th Century
    Slaves were brought to America from Africa and brought music and dance with them.
  • Ballet 18th century

    Ballet 18th century
    Ballet aesthetic began to change.
    Meaning/message that movements depicted were the most important element of dance.
    Saw the beginning of rivalries between leading female dancers.
  • Jazz 18th Century

    Jazz 18th Century
    Found in England, France, and Germany.
  • Ballet 19th Century

    Ballet 19th Century
    Produced romantic ballet.
    Characterized by youth of mythical creatures and places which created wonder and excitement.
    Included plot, love triangle, dramatic action of characters was emotional, realistic/human.
    1860s dancers shoes were reinforced.
    Classical ballet.
    Aerial work, pointe work, turns, and leg beats.
  • Bill "Bo Jangles" Robinson

    Bill "Bo Jangles" Robinson
    Tap dance legend.
  • Modern Isadora Duncan

    Modern Isadora Duncan
    Mother of modern dance.
  • Modern Ruth St. Dennis and Ted Shawn

    Modern Ruth St. Dennis and Ted Shawn
  • Modern Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, amd Charles Weidman

    Modern Martha Graham, Doris Humphrey, amd Charles Weidman
    Pioneers of modern.
  • Modern Merce Cunningham

    Modern Merce Cunningham
    First choreographer to emerge from traditional modern.
  • Busby Berkely

    Busby Berkely
    Known for amazing floor patterns.
  • Fred Astaire

    Fred Astaire
    Added suaveness to highly rhythmic foot patterns and perfect musicality
  • Ballet 20th Century

    Ballet 20th Century
    Contemporary ballet evolved in Russia due mainly to work of Michael Fokine- first master choreographer for Russian ballet.
  • Mchael Folkine Ballet

  • Eleanor Powell

    Eleanor Powell
    tap dance.
  • Ginger Rogers

    Ginger Rogers
    Made dance of tap and ball room.
  • Gene Kelly

    Gene Kelly
    Performed tap and dance.
  • Earl Tucker.

    Earl Tucker.
    Style boldly related to waving.
  • Harlem Renaissance

    Harlem Renaissance
  • Jazz Seymour Felix

    Jazz Seymour Felix
    Seymour Felix introduced the marriage of book, music, lyrics, and dance as an aspect of musical theatre.
  • Bob Fosse

    Bob Fosse
    Earned 8 tony awards for choreography.
  • Post Modern Dance

    Post Modern Dance
    Post modern dance, choreographers such as Alvin Ailey
  • DJ Kool Herc

    DJ Kool Herc
    Became known as "father of hip hop."
  • "Rubberband"

    Created "rocking."
  • Don Campbellock

    Don Campbellock
    Created "campbell-ocking."
  • Soul Train takes off on tv

    Soul Train takes off on tv
  • B-boys laid foundation of Hip Hop

    B-boys laid foundation of Hip Hop
  • MJ does famous robot

    MJ does famous robot
  • Movies released about hip hop

    Movies released about hip hop
  • Groups hit for money

    Groups hit for money
  • Primitive Period

    Primitive Period
    Dance was a form of communication.
    Rituals were done to worship and appease gods.
    Rituals were done at special occasions such as birth, marriage, and death.
    Focused on fertility and abundant harvests.
    Movements were initiative and very basic.
  • Period: to 200

    Ancient Period

    Aesthetic elements were consciously sought.
    Movement choices represented themes.
    Developed out of religious rituals.
    Dances combined movement, music, and poetry.
    Dance was often in the popular greek theatre.
    Many dances of India were religious dances.
    Evidence of dance in China dates back to 200 A.D.
    Dances performed in 8th century China influenced all of the dance that was to follow.