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Damian Marley

  • Period: to

    Damian marleys life

    Time line
  • Birth

    He was born in jamaica
  • Damians father

    Damians father
    Damian s father marley died when he had two years old
  • Damian s culture

    Damian s culture
    Damian decides to become rastafari and he wanted sing reggae generous
  • Damians band

    Damians band
    The damians band is disintegrated and started his solo career.
  • First group

    First group
    At age 13 years old he formed a musical group called shephards
  • Festival

    This day his group began Reggae Sunsplash Festival
  • Damians sister

    Damians sister
    Damians sister won miss universe
  • First album

    First album
    Published the first album called Mr Marley and this album gave a big surprise
  • Second album

    Second album
    His second album called halfway realrased in cover
  • Grammy

    Damian won his first grammy award because obtained the best reggae album

    In 2004 damian participated in the bob marleys root
  • Third album

    Third album
    His third album called welcome to jamrock was the most important album in all his music career
  • Second grammy

    Second grammy
    Damian won his second grammy award il L.A :
    Won the grammy as :
    Best reggae album
    Best urban alternative genere
  • Album

    He sold more tan 86.000 copies in less than a week
  • Brother song

    Brother song
    He participated in his brther song called traffic jam .
  • Obamas song

    Obamas song
    was a song that was created to barack obama called La mision
  • A song

    A song
    Participated in the song Cruise Control Mariah Carey's latest album
  • musical release

    musical release
    Marley created parientes lejanos an album that he made with nas
  • His first single

    His first single
    His first single called "Miracle Worker"