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Cubic Equations Timeline

  • 4000 BCE

    Babylonian Tablets

    The Babylonians solved cubic functions with the help of tables and the remains were found on engraved tablets.
  • 1550 BCE

    Baskara II

    Baskara II contributed to solving cubic equations along with many other mathematical contributions.
  • 1247 BCE

    Quin Jiushao

    Quin Jiushao solves cubic equations in his book Shushu Jiuzhang.
  • 1131 BCE

    Omar Khayyam

    Omar Khayyam helped in developing theories of cubic functions. These theories were published in Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra
  • 626 BCE

    Jigu Suanjing

    Wang Xiaotong solved 25 cubic functions
  • 560 BCE


    Archimedes solved cubic equations in his work with spheres and cylinders
  • 430 BCE


    Hippocrates reduced duplicating the cube
  • 350 BCE


    Menaechmus made developments in using conics for solving cubic equations
  • 1225


    Fibonacci finds a solutions to a cubic equation
  • 1526

    Scipione del Ferro

    He solved the depressed cubic equation.
  • 1530


    Tartaglia claimed a solution to two cubics
  • Francois Viete

    View contributed to the history by deriving the trigonometric solution for the cubic equation with three real roots
  • Rene Descartes

    Descartes summarized and extended the Viète’s study
  • Cardano

    Cardano published Tartaglia's work. This method for solving cubics is known as the Cardano’s method