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Cuban Missle Crisis Timeline

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    Cuban Missle Crisis

  • March 1960

    March 1960
    President Eisenhower let the CIA train Cuban exiles to invade Cuba. The desired result was for Cuba to overthrow Castro. Though Kennedy was skeptical of this plan, he approved it. This was all brought to his attention only 9 days after his election.
  • April 1961

    April 1961
    1,300 to 1,500 Cuban exiles went to the island of Bahia de Cochinos, which translates to the Bay of Pigs. When they landed, armed with weapons provided by the U.S., they were greeted by 25,000 Cubans assisted by artillery given by the Soviet Union. Some exiles were imprisoned, others killed. Publically, Kennedy accepted responsibility for it and privately he blamed it on the CIA. To release the prisoners of that day, Kennedy paid $53 million dollars for food and medical supplies.
  • Summer 1962

    Summer 1962
    The Soviet Union continued to give Cuba nuclear missiles and other weapons. Pres. Kennedy made an announcement that America won’t tolerate nuclear devices in Cuba. American planes revealed pictures of missiles bases ready to launch in Cuba.
  • October 1962

    October 1962
    American planes revealed pictures of missiles bases ready to launch in Cuba. Pictures reveal a completely loaded missile base. The missiles were said to be able to reach U.S cities within minutes. The US was thinking of ways to remove the missiles.
  • October 22nd

    October 22nd
    The date in which john f. Kennedy warned Americans of cuba’s missile sites and the threat which they brought to the u.S. he told the nation he planned on removing the weapons. any retaliation would lead to declaring war on the soviet union. The missiles were said to be able to reach American cities in minutes.
  • October 1962

    October 1962
    Kennedy brings a law in which part of Cuba is cut off. This helped in keeping the soviets from getting on the island. The US navy was acting on the blockade. This was used to keep Cubans on the island and Soviets off
  • October 25, 1962

    October 25, 1962
    The Soviet ships creep up on Cuba. The ships are held back for a time due to the blockade. 500 miles off of the coast of Cuba is where the blockade was surrounding. 100,000 troops prevented anyone from getting in.
  • October 28, 1962

    October 28, 1962
    To the American’s relief, Khrushchev removes the ammunition from Cuba. The only stipulation was that the US had to promise not to attack Cuba. The US also added that they would remove missiles from Turkey. All leaders agreed, and the crisis came to a peaceful end.