Cuban Missile Crisis & Bay of Pigs

  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    In hopes of overthrowing Castro, President Eisenhower grantede permission to the CIA to train Cuban exiles to help invade Cuba. After Kennedy was elected, he was informed of the plan and he didn't fully agree with it, but approved it anyways. The tensions grew between the United States and the Soviet Union. The reason for invading Cuba in the first place was to prevent the spread of communism in the Western Hemisphere.
  • Bay of Pigs Invasion

    Bay of Pigs Invasion
    The American military and the trained Cuban exiles invaded the Bay of Pigs. This was a major disaster, as everything that was planned failed miserably. Since the distractions failed, when the troops reached the bay, they faced the entire Cuban army that was backed by the Soviets. It affected the relationship between the U.S. and the Soviets badly because they were backing up opposite sides.
  • Summer of 1962

    Summer of 1962
    THe relations between Cuba and the Soviet Union strengthened when the Soviets said they would defend Cuba with their weapons, The Russians sent a lot more weapons and nucear missiles to Cuba in order to protect it. This would cause America to become very weary of the Soviet Union when they discover the weapons being transported to Cuba. This would vause a great amount of fear in America.
  • October 14, 1962

    October 14, 1962
    America sent planes to spy on activity in Cuba. Theses planes got pictures of Soviet missile bases ready to launch, and got the information back to America, This shows that the Soviets had plans and were willing and able to attack the US whenever they needed to. This information in the US will cause the US to make imemdiate plans on what to do it the Soviets attacked.
  • Kennedy's Speech

    Kennedy's Speech
    President Kennedy gave a speechc to Americans informing them about what was going on with Russia and Cuba. In order to make Americans feel better, he assured that if we were attacked from Cuba, we would make an all out attack on the Soviet Union. America was ready for an attack, and knew what would happen in response. Tensions rose between America and the Soviet Union with missiles just minutes away from America.
  • Blockading Cuba

    Blockading Cuba
    President Kennedy blocks Soviet Union ships from reaching Cuba with more weapons. This blockade kept the ships 500 miles from the island. This caused a lot of tension between America and the Soviet Union as we now have ships blocking them from reaching Cuba with their weapons. This had the potential to start a war between the US and USSR but did not.
  • Soviets Stopped By Blockade

    Soviets Stopped By Blockade
    In order to avoid any type of conflict at sea, the Soviet ships stopped. They sat their face to face in the ocean, not knowing what to do next. The tensions were still very high between the US and USSR, but they were trying to avoid conflicts. In a couple of days, they would settle on an agreement to keep from fighting, and keep peace between the two world powers.
  • Crisis Over

    Crisis Over
    The leaders of America and Soviet Union settled on an agreement that Russia would take their missiles out of Cuba as long as America would not invade Cuba. Also, America agreed to take their missiles out of Turkey. This settled the major conflict between America and the Soviet Union in Cuba. The "Crisis" was over, and the tensions were settled between Russia and America for a moment.