Cuban missile crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis

By aboites
  • Russia constructing Nuclear weapons

    Russia constructing Nuclear weapons
    U-2 spy plane manage to take some pictures of russia constructing nuclear weapons
  • Period: to

    Cuban Missile Crisis

    Fued between U.S, Russia, and Cuba
  • Pictures are presented

    Pictures are presented
    Photos were processed and presented, which started the whole crisis
  • Excomm decision making

    Excomm decision making
    EXCOMM had a meeting wether to order an airstrike or put up a blockade
  • Kennedy forces a blockade on cuba

    Kennedy forces a blockade on cuba
    Kennedy feels the need to put a blockade on Cuba, so russia can't get the nuclear weapons there
  • NSAM wants retaliation

    NSAM wants retaliation
    Kennedy established EXCOMM with NSAM in which they opposed the blockade and demanded a powerful response
  • Kennedys Announcment

    Kennedys Announcment
    Kennedy address's the crisis on television announcing the discovery of the missiles
  • Nikita Khrushchevs Letter

    Nikita Khrushchevs Letter
    Nikita Khrushchev writes a letter saying that the blockade was an act of aggression that could lead to a Nuclear World War
  • U-2 Spy plane shot down

    U-2 Spy plane shot down
    a u.s. spy plane made an unauthorized flight over the east coast of russia and was shot down
  • Kennedy srike deal with russia crisis over

    Kennedy srike deal with russia crisis over
    kennedy agreed to remove some of the u.s.'s missile sites from Italy and Turkey if russia agreed to remove their missile site on Cuba