Cuban Missile Crisis

  • Bay of Pigs

    Bay of Pigs
    In March 1960, Eisenhower told the CIA to train Cubans that live in America to get ready for an invasion into Cuban. They hoped that it would make Castro stepdown as the leader. JFK didn't really know about the plan until only 9 days after he was elected. And even though he didn't agree with the plans, they went ahead with them. This would make the relationship between the Soviets and the US a little tense because they are trying to overthrow Castro in Cuba, who was Soviet Influenced.
  • The Proxy War

    The Proxy War
    Up to 1,500 Cuban Americans that were supported by US military landed on the Bay of Pigs to try to eliminate the Cuban/Soviet airforce. Everything that could go wrong went wrong. The air strike had failed, but CIA agents said it was a success. Many exiles were killed and imprisoned. JFK had to pay $53 million in food and medical supplies to release them. Again this made US/Soviet realationship even worse, because they were killing each others troops.
  • Summer of 1962

    Summer of 1962
    The relationship between Castro and the Soviets became even great. This was due to the fact that they gave them a lot of power, troops, military weapons, and lots of nuclear missiles. This was not tolerated by the American government. JFK warned them that they don't tolerate offensive nuclear weapons. The relationship between the Soviets and US are becoming noticably worse, due to the fact that the Soviets are giving Cubans military weapons to kill us. And we kill them back.
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Pictures

    Cuban Missile Crisis Pictures
    October 14, US military top secret airplane took photographs of a Cuban missile bases. This showed that the missiles were getting ready to be fired on the US, and it could reach the cities within minutes and cause mass distruction, This could possibly start another World War between US vs. Soviets/Cubans. This made the relationship even worse because ethe Soviets were now taking action by giving them the missiles in the first place. By firing on US, US would be forced to take action.
  • JFK takes action

    JFK takes action
    October 22, JFK annouces his plans to the American people of the US, that if Cubans launched Soviet missile there would be an all out attack against the Soviets. This would cost many lifes, but it would necessary to save millions of lives in the US. JFK wanted to avoid nuclear war, but her was willing to do what was right. This cause great tensions between Russia and US because they were on the brink of war. Any moment could trigger an all out attack.
  • Quarantined

    October 24, military plans spotted more Soviet ships in the Pacific carrying what seems to be more missiles to Cuban. JFK decides to take action by blockading Cuban and not letting the Soviets ships come within 500 miles. This made tensions worse because now the US would be forced to destroy their ships if they came to close
  • Soviet ships come to halt

    Soviet ships come to halt
    October 25, in Florida US had over 100,000 military personnel ready to attack if the ships got close to Cuba. Suddenly, the Soviet ships stop to avoid confrontation at sea. This still made tensions horrible because Soviets were trying to put more missiles into Cuba to attack us.
  • Withdrawling missiles

    Withdrawling missiles
    October 28, the soviets leader decides to say that he will withdrawl all missiles at the military bases in Cuban, in exchange that the US doesn't do a land invasion. Also the US agreed to remove missiles from Turkey. Both leaders got critisize greatly due to people thought that this could've been resolved without the threat of nuclear weapons. This made the tensions between them not as great anymore, but maybe now US can never trust Russia, ever.