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Cuban Embargo Timeline

  • Covert Action Plan

    Covert Action Plan
    included propaganda to get rid of Fidel Castro
  • Cuban Embargo

    Partial economic embargo on cuba
  • Expanded Cuban Embargo

    Kennedy expands the Cuban embargo to include imports of all goods made from or containing Cuban materials
  • Foreign Assistance Act

    amended to prohibit aid to "any country" that provides assistance to Cuba.
  • Travel and Trade Ban

    Travel and Trade Ban
    President Kennedy makes it illegal to go to cuba or have financial or commercial transactions with Cuba
  • Exports

    The U.S. Department of Commerce announces the requirement of specific approval for exports of all food and medicine to Cuba.
  • Ban is Dropped

    President Carter takes down ban on travel and money spending
  • Cuban Troops in Africa

    Cuban Troops in Africa
    Cyrus Vance, states that he does not foresee the normalization of relations with Cuba due to the presence of Cuban troops in Africa.
  • Relaxing Laws

    Relaxes laws to allow citizens to send money to relatives in cuba
  • Cuban-Americans

    Cuban-Americans are permitted to visit their families in Cuba
  • Travel Ban Again

    reestablishes the travel ban, prohibits U.S. citizens from spending money in Cuba, and allows the 1977 fishing accord to lapse.
  • 100 Dollars

    100 Dollars
    U.S. citizens who travel to Cuba can only spend a maximum of $100 per day
  • Voting Against Ban

    For the 3rd year in a row, the United Nations General Assembly votes overwhelmingly for a measure to end the U.S. Embargo of Cuba. The vote is 101-2, with 48 abstentions, and only Israel votes with the U.S.
  • Money to Boosting Democracy

    US President G.W. Bush approves $80 million to be used for "boosting democracy in Cuba"
  • Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act

    Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act
    Senator Michael B. Enzi introduces the "Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act