CSI Sciences History

Timeline created by siveyc
  • -600 BCE


    First use of fingerprints
  • 1248

    Forensic Science Book

    The very first recorded application of medical knowledge was published by the Chinese, and created by Hsi DuanYu.
  • Photo Identification

    The first state to use photo identification was San Francisco.
  • Fingerprint ID

    Argentinian police officer, Juan Vucetich became the first person to use fingerprint ID.
  • Blood Markers

    Karl Landsteiner discovered how blood stains could be used, and Dieter Max Richter adapted it for use.
  • Crime Labs

    The first police crime labs started popping up. The first one appeared in Los Angeles.
  • Better DNA

    Advancements in technology meant that DNA profiling went from taking six to eight weeks, to one to two days.
  • Footwear

    The Forensic Science Service created a footwear coding and detection management system that would allow footwear to be used in criminal investigation.