Cry the Beloved Country

  • Cry the Beloved Country is published

  • Racial discrimination is institutionalized

    This took place sometime in 1948, I do not have an exact date.
  • Truman signs Executive Order 9981

  • (A) Apartheid Speech Given in Congress

  • Rosa Parks refuses to give up bus seat

  • Southern Christian Leadership Conference is made

    No specific date, it is made in Jan-Feb.
  • James Meredith becomes the 1st black student to enroll at the University of Mississippi

  • MLK is jailed

  • Martin Luther gives his I Have a Dream speech

  • President Johnson signs the Civil Rights Act of 1964

  • Blacks begin a march to Montgomery in suppport of voting rights

  • Martin Luther King is assassinated

  • President Johnson signs the Civvil Rights Act of 1968 prohibiting discrimination in the sale, rental, and financing of housing

  • Congress passes the Voting Rights Act of 1965 to make it easier for Southern blacks to register to vote