angela's death

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  • Angela's body was found

    Angela's corpse was found in a state of decomposition in a garage of an abandoned house
  • the objects

    it takes 2 days for forensics to find the objects that were used in the omission
  • interrogation

    Angela's closest family and friends were questioned to see if she had any enemies or someone who wanted to see her dead
  • old loves

    according to her family and friends she was a pretty flirtatious woman who changed her boyfriend every month
  • loving loyalty

    According to reliable sources, Angela's last boyfriend was James, a boy who studied at a chemistry club and his father owned the local butcher shop, according to his testimony the swear was loyal to his relationship with Angela and she also did
  • obsession

    some of James's colleagues said he was having a good time following Angela and whenever he saw her with another man he put on a face of hate, sadness and despair, it may be key to the investigation.
  • homicidal rookie

    there are certain key factors towards James and these could be the fact that harassed Angela, her hatred of her, and the objects used could easily be removed from the place where James is normally
  • my diary

    Something that further raised suspicions of James is his radical change of attitude because he stopped being depressed to be quite cheerful and relaxed, his friends noticed something different, almost no one missed Angela even her new boyfriend.
  • my diary

    the detectives went to James's room while he was at school, he had a phrase in his diary that matched the way Angela was killed
  • love to death

    The police came to the conclusion that James was the culprit because being in the chemical club had access to objects such as gloves and chloroform and while working in a butcher shop he was also able to obtain the drill and machete