Crime Scene Investigation

  • Sep 14, 700

    Evidence of fingerprints

  • Sep 14, 1248

    Evidence of strangulation or drowning

  • Marcello Malpighi- Figerprint characteristics

  • Physical matching

  • Polarizing light microscope

    Invented by William Nichol
  • Amylase activity in human saliva

    Leuchs first noted this.
  • Toxicology in a jury trial

    James Marsh was the first to use toxicology in court.
  • Use of photography for identification of criminals

  • Fingerprints used to identify crominals

  • Individualize bullets

    Alexandre Lascassagne, was the first to indentify bullets to a gun barrel.
  • Portable Polygraph

  • Rh blood groups

  • Voiceprint identification

  • Superglue Fumming

  • Developed the first DNA profiling test

  • Online firearms database

  • DNA typing was admitted for first time in U.S. court

  • Presumptive test for blood bases benzidine