Create a Country Timeline

  • The French War

    The French War was fought because Catherine Country wanted to gain their independence from France, who had owned their side of the island (the other part belonged to Canada). It lasted from October 16, 1847 to November 23, 1851. The French eventually surrendered and Catherine Country was made a new independent country.
  • The Great Mesas Purchase

    On September 8, 1845, Catherine Country purchased the other part of the island that The Great Mesas were on. We bought this piece of land from Canada, and paid a total of $0.20. Now, Catherine Country owns the entire island.
  • Invention of Electric Vehicles

    On October 12, 1873, electric vehicles were invented by a group of people in Catherine Country. They were not used by many people until around 2002, because they were too expensive. But now, electric vehicles are more common in the country than vehicles that run on gasoline. Electric vehicles are better for the enviroment because they run on a battery, not gas.
  • Discovery of Shipwreck 1914

    On July 7, 1863, some deep sea divers from Catherine Country found a shipwreck on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. The abandoned ship was filled with gold and ancient artifacts. This was a major discovery for the country, because a lot of people have been hired to discover what the ancient artifacts are, and Catherine Country kept all the gold that was found and became rich.
  • Invention of the Jetpack

    On Feburary 30, 1961, the first jetpack was invented. At first, it was only used for astronauts, and not for personal transport. Over the years, the jetpack has evolved into a small backpack filled with air. Now, most people in Catherine Country carry them on thier backs so they can go wherever they need to go.
  • Tsunami of 2000

    The Tsunami of 2000 hit the entire country on April 22, 2000. White Waterfalls City suffered the most. Thousands of people were killed, and the tsunami caused a lot of damage. It took years to rebuild all the things the tsunami destroyed, but eventually Catherine Country was restored.