Create a Country Time Line

By jkf5128
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    My Country's Timespan

  • The Great Discovery of "Star MT. Range"

    It was only 2 month sense, the Country was also found. Later on they also found silver later on.
  • The Discovery of Silver

    They found the Silver in "Star MT. Range". They are still mining for Silver today because there is so much of it.
  • The Flood of 1972

    It flooded the whole Island/Country. It ruined about every home, every thing was socked in water from a sheet to family scrapbooks. It was devastating mess.
  • Black Gold

    It was a great burst of money for the country. It helped the country recover from " The Flood of 1972 ", because of all the money coming in from the sales of the oil.
  • The Boming of the Capital

    The boming killed over 600 people. It was a bloody sight that was a, nightmare during the day time. People screaming, scary moment that everyone who saw it in action wanted to forget it, but the couldn't.
  • The Great Oil Spill

    It was located about 25 miles from the coal mine. It shut down beaches for weeks at a time. It killed many animals.