creat a country

By csk4264
  • Contord Discoverd

    The day the americans found and claimed the state contord.
  • First City

    The first city Acuare started construction.
  • Contord war

    for three years contord fought the americans to become its own country.
  • Period: to

    Boom Towns

    Boom towns every where were going up..
  • Period: to

    Western War

    The native americans had tention with the Contordians and war broke out. The Contordians won the war.
  • Freedont

    The capital of contord is founded.
  • Contord invented the Fishing pole.

    The city of lapices got tired of spear fishing and put a string on a rod and a hook at the end of the string.. They had created the first modern day fishing rod.
  • Period: to

    Money gaining

    Contord found and mined for gold, silver, coal, and dimonds. They also started to produce and sell fishing rods.
  • Tree

    Contord started to cut, sell, and grow trees.
  • Bridges

    Contord Began to build bridges to make travling from island to island easier and less expensive.
  • The saw

    Contord invented the saw to cut trees faster.