Crash Story Timeline

  • Introduction to Penn Webb

    Crash Coogan meets the new kid from North Dakota Penn Webb. Crash automaticaly judges him on his smile and big gaintic button. This sets up Crashes personality.
  • Intro to Mike Deluca

    It was friends at site they just automaticly cliked together. From that point on it seamed that they would be best friends. This set up the pranking of Penn Webb.
  • Scooter moves in

    After Scooter moves into the Coogan household Crash begins to sofen up because he is close to his family. Also he feels safe with Scooter being around him. This is the first Sign of Crash sofening up.
  • Jane Forbes Kicks Crash in his achilles tendon

    NEWS FLASH! Crash is no longer loved by everone. Jane is the first person to stand up to Crash and to tell him off. This forces so sence into Crash.
  • Crash lets Penn win the race to by in the Penn Relays

    As they seet up on the cinder track when Crash got the rooten start he still managed to reach Webb. At the very end Crash yells " LEAN" just giving Penn the Win. THis really set crash to being a kinder person.