Country Music

  • Country music 1950's

    Country music 1950's
    Johnny cash was a singer,guitarist,and song writer innovatively mixed music,rock,blues, and gospel influences. Johnny cash was one of the most popular country artist in the 1950's. Johnny Cashes music was about themes of sorrow,moral tribulation and redemption.
  • Country music 1960's

    Country music 1960's
    Patsy Cline wasn't only famous in the 1960's, but also in the 1950's. She wrote Country music and even rock. She had several major hits during her 8 year carerr, including two number-one hits on Billboard Hot country, and Western Sides chart.
  • Country Music 1970's

    Country Music 1970's
    Glen Campbell was a famous country singer in the 1970s. By the mid 1970's many country artist started changing transitioning to the pop country.Glen Campbell was not only a country singer but he was also a actor, and television host.
  • Country Music 1980s

    Country Music 1980s
    George Strait was known for his Urban Cowboy Country pop era after country music started to transform to more country pop. George strait is still continuing his Urban Cowboy country music to this day.
  • Country Music 1990's

    Country Music 1990's
    Brooks and Dunn, popular American Country Duo who became a fixture in the genre in the early 1990's and even line dancing. Brooks and Dunn are also the biggest selling duo in country history music.