Counter-Culture in 1960's

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    The Slate political party

    This was the duration that the SLATE political party was running for at the University of California. This was the umbrella and in effect the starting point of the Counter-Culture movement of the 1960's in America, many young americans flocked to this university to better explore this emerging concept and way of thinking.
    This university has a rather large history of peace activism, reaching as far back as the 1930's also prompting the African American civil rights movement in the mid 1950's.
  • First Birth Control Pill was approved

    This was a large stepping stone inthe sexual revolution, this counter-culture aspect was widely begged for as the people were looking into sexual freedom and exploration, this also came with the break down of the family unit, as tradtionalism slowly became unpopular
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    SDS holds the first convention at Port Huron

    The SDS came out of an organistation that stems back to 1905 (SLIDS) student league for industrial democracy.
    The Port Huron Statement summarised all that this "new left" was aiming to do; build equality, freedom of speech and an anti-establishmentatian attitude. It "Articulated the fundamental problems of American society and laid out a radical vision for a better future".["The Port Huron Statement: Still Radical at 50", (In These Times, April 25, 2012)
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    Freedom of Speech Movement

    This was a student prostest at the University of California, in Berkeley. The students were protesting for acadmic freedom and freedom of speech and political freedoms that otherwise couldn't have have been met. They acted to stop all political parties in the university. This movement was sparked by anit-vietnam protesters.
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    Freedom Summer

    This ten week period was instigated from white college students from Mississippi to expand black voting into the south. The freedom summer was a registration for the protest for black people in the South of America to get the right to vote.
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    Vietnam War

    The Counter-culture movement of the U.S was very much fueled by the anit-war rallies help around the country because of the Vietnam war. The counter-culture in the U.S opposed the Vietnam as it became racial as the military was sending far more black and hispanic troops to vietnam and also the undermining fact that back a generation people would go to war and died because they were told to. Hippies believed in freedom and peace, this way of thinking was a juxtaposition of the society at the time
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    Haight- Ashbury

    This town in San Fransisco was most famously known for the Summer of Love movement in 1967 and thus was famous for its peaceful protests and psychedelic experimentations. This was the centre of most of America's Counter-culture movements
  • First reported Darft card burning

    The burning of draft cards from draftees before their conscription to the vietnam war was a protest as they didn't want to go, this was directly influenced and was indeed people who shared the same ideals of anti-vietnam and anti-war protesters
  • The Human-be-in, Sanfrancisco, Golden Gate Park

    The Human-be-in which later turned into the Summer of Love in Haight-Ashbury its focus was on personal empowerment, cultural and political decentralization, communal living, ecological awareness, and reacing higher consciousness (with the help of psychedelic drugs)
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    Summer Of Love

    This Summer, following the Human-be-in in Haight-ashbury, was a time when 'hippies' from all over the country flocked to San Fransisco in their 'tribes' to experiment with social inhibition, sex and drugs, and their views on the politics going on around them 'getting back to basics' going without material needs was a huge part of their culture.
  • Assassination of Martin Luther King Jnr

  • Assassination of Robert F Kennedy

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    Chicago Democratic Convention

    This convention was set out to decide on their stance on the war in Vietnam, during this time on August 28, the American Democratic Party fall due to an internal disagreement about Vietnam. Also present at the convention were the Yippies party (youth international party) and the infamous McCarthy, notable from his anti-vietnam stance. This convention ending in violent riots from protesters - who were mainly hippies calling for a ceasefire and end of the war in vietnam.
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    With arguably the biggest and best line up for any music fesitval it was clear that Woodstock is of historical importance its '3 days of peace and music' this manifestation of the counter-culture was indeed the rebellion of anti-vietnam war. The biggest turn out of over 500,000 people turning up and camping only proved the appreciation and anti-war protests were the new way of thinking that would change U.S culture forever.