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Costume Throughout 'The Hardest Button to Button'

  • First Shot

    First Shot
    Here is the first shot from the music video, it shows the clothing of Meg White for the first time, and also the first prop/ instrument, her drum kit.
  • Second Shot

    Second Shot
    Shows the props in full detail, with the multiple drum kits in view, which is a staple hallmark of this music video in particular, while Meg constantly moves to a new kit.
  • Shot Three

    Shot Three
    Here, Jack is introduced with his guitar, which noticably only appears when he plays, but also follows the same idea as Meg's drums. All of the unique props are now introduced, apart from the copies of the drums and guitar later on in the video.
  • Shot Four

    Shot Four
    First idea of the locations used in the video, very urban but also a sense of greenery and freshness, tying in with the idea of them being a raw band.
  • Shot Five

    Shot Five
    The only real constume change of the video, and is only for a single scene, with Meg now having shoes. Very minor change but in comparison with the video is actually a rather big deal.
  • Shot Six

    Shot Six
    The introduction of another prop, the amps. This ties in with the genre of rock music as amplifiers and guitars are a general sign of the rock genre and thus are often seen in it. It also brings in a scenery change, moving from the outdoors into an empty subway station indoors.
  • Shot Seven

    Shot Seven
    Introduction of a new character wearing a white suit (also keeping in the trend of the colour scheme of red, black and white that the band has going on) with the final prop of the video, the red box which references the lyrics of the song; 'a box with something in it'.
  • Shot Eight

    Shot Eight
    Here we see another location change, moving to the insides of an actual subway train, and with all of the guitars, amps and drum kits in there too, making a very cramped space.
  • Shot Nine

    Shot Nine
    Here is the shot with probably the most props involved, in a green field, contrasting with the previous cramped shot in the subway, this one has lots and lots of space, so that even though this contains the most props, it is still very open and uncrowded.
  • Shot Ten

    Shot Ten
    Here is the final noteworthy change in the video, with the big change coming in the location, with the band being in a tunnel with light shining in from either end. This is a combination of the kinds of shots we have been seeing throughout the video thus far, with the dark indoors shots, being combined with the wide, open outdoor shots, combining into a dark and gritty but very wide open and shining urban shot.