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  • Exposition 1: Background

    Exposition 1: Background
    Liam has a condition which makes him look like a grown man even though he is only 12. He constantly has his age mistaken and gets special priveleges because this is so.
  • Exposition 2: Setting

    Exposition 2: Setting
    Liam and Florida live in Bootle, England.
  • Exposition 3: Characters

    Exposition 3: Characters
    There are two major characters introduced at the start of the book:
    Liam- (refer to Exposition 1: Background)
    Florida- Liam's friend from his drama group, she is obsessed with celeberities and every single aspect of their lives.
  • Period: to

    Freytag's Pyramid

    A Freytag's Pyramid based off of the plot of the Black Eyed Susan nominee, Cosmic.
  • Rising Action 1

    Rising Action 1
    Liam is one of the winners of a contest held by Draxcom. The prize of this contest is that 4 lucky father-child pairs are allowed to test The Rocket, the greatest, biggest, awesomest thrill ride in the world, which just happens to be a rocket. Liam realizes that he can pose as Florida's father, as he has done before, and go to Possibility Park to ride on The Rocket. He coaxes Florida into it and the two ride a limo to a private jet.
  • Rising Action 2

    Rising Action 2
    Liam and Florida meet the rest of the pairs as 4 new main characters and their fathers are introduced:
    Hasan- A wizard with money, Hasan has raised more money in his 12 years than his father has in his entire life.
    Samson Two- A trademark genius, Samson's school project on irrigation was bought by the government.
    Max- A normal boy, Max is forced to win by his
    unaccomplished father, which is why he won the contest.
    -After a 12-hour flight, they arrive in the Gobi Desert.
  • Rising Action 3

    Rising Action 3
    While Florida, Hasan, Max, and Samson Two are investigating the rocket, the fathers, including Liam, stay in the registration center to do paperwork. When Dr. Drax gives a brief description of The Rocket, Liam finds that only the children will be going into space. So, Dr. Drax devises a solution that will allow the father with the most votes at the end of training to travel on The Rocket with the children. Then, each pair goes to their private bungalow to rest up for their first day of training.
  • Rising Action 4: Day 1

    Rising Action 4: Day 1
    Liam is offered whiskey from Hasan's father and he takes it. However, his 12-year old body is unable to take it, and he plays around with his Vehicular Escape Suit before passing out in a drunken slumber, missing E.V.A. training.
  • Rising Action 4: Day 2

    Rising Action 4: Day 2
    The group goes through survival training. They are tasked to find the flag out in the Gobi Desert, the only hint as to where it might be being that it is in the shadow of the Possibility Building. When a sandstorm passes through, Liam saves them by devising a plan for it. Also, to save time, he teaches everyone to dune dive. They find the flag and bring it back.
  • Rising Action: Day 3

    Rising Action: Day 3
    During Day 3 of training, the group has simulations pertaining to the levels of gravity that they will experience. First, they go on a machine that simulates the takeoff and touchdown of the spacecraft by adding to the level of gravity. Liam has to go on it 4 times for all of the children, whose fathers were too frightened by it. Next, they go on the "Vomet Comet", an airplane that goes into a straight dive in order to simulate a zero-gravity situation.
  • Rising Action 4: Day 4

    Rising Action 4: Day 4
    Everyone in the group has a go at a simulation of the reentry of the command module of "The Rocket". The only 3 people who are any good at it are Liam, Florida, and Dr. Drax's daughter, Shenijian. Hasan's father takes a group picture of everybody in their space suits in front of the simulation.
  • Rising Action 5

    Rising Action 5
    Hasan's father is voted to go on "The Rocket" at the end of training. However, he is booted off of the program. The reason is because he tried to have a toy company which Draxcom owned replicate the simulation and make a series of action figures out of all of the children. Dr. Drax intends to sue him of everything he owns. Liam, with the second highest amount of votes, is his replacement.
  • Rising Action: Conlfict

    Rising Action: Conlfict
    Dr. Drax's daughter, Shenijian, who is supposed to be piloting "The Rocket", cannot do so because she is out sick with the measles. Dr. Drax ensures the group that everything will be fine, as long as they do as they're told.
  • Rising Action 6

    Rising Action 6
    Liam, Florida, Samson Two, Max, and Hasan blast off in "The Rocket". As the rockets get sucked into Earth's orbit, only the "Dandelion" module and the command module remain. Everybody goes to sleep so that they are ready for reentry.
  • Rising Action 7

    Rising Action 7
    The group plays hide and seek to pass the time. Liam finds Max, Florida, and Samson Two, but they cannot find Hasan. This causes Max and Florida to begin thinking that he has hidden outside in Space, while it prompts Samson Two to begin thinking that they're in a simulation, and that Hasan is simply waiting outside. Liam goes on a spacewalk to find him but to no avail. When he returns, Hasan is found behind a loose wall panel, and is declared winner.