Cornucopian History

  • 1900 BCE

    Cornucopia is Formed

    According to the ledgends, the world was but a rolling sea of mists. No earth, no ocean. In this realm dwelt four gods -- but that's another story. Old Man Shasta ruled over them, and one day he sent his eldest daughter Drathina to create LIFE. Taking the chaos mists, Drathina bent them to her will and shaped it into the first realm -- Cornucopia. It's believed a part of her exists in all life, embuing a deep sense of respect for nature in the Kal'ow-sect Mistone religion.
  • 82 BCE

    Goshen Rises to Power

    Goshen began to expand its power northwards, claiming the jungle region and westward towards the (current day) Bandlands. By the end of eighty years, Goshen had taken over most of the Mainland.
  • Period: 25 BCE to 1 CE

    The Goshen-Crystal War

    The Goshen Empire and other countries in the Mainland, wanting the advanced technology in Draginthina, attack the Island. The Draginthians fight back, and the war waged on for twenty five years before the Draginthians decide to withdraw from the world.
  • 1 CE

    Goshen Falls

    Due to internal strife, a worldwide pandemic (those can end the world, you know), and the war, Goshen fractures. This splits into two countries, Renburr and Kallow. Renburr had an agricultural society because of its temperate climate, and Kallow a foraging desert society.
  • 1 CE

    Draginthia Separates from the Mainland

    According to the Draginthian Student's Guide to History, nearing the end of the Goshen-Crystal War, the Draginthians used their newly tested nuclear weapons against the Goshinians. Afterwards, they decided "THEIR POWER WAS TOO MUCH FOR THIS WORLD" (gasp); using the engins that they had been building for the past twenty-five years (because why not) they lifted up into the air, closing their borders to everyone.
  • Period: 51 to 101

    The Renburr Expansion War

    Renburr attempted to expand northward, where it came into conflict with the Kallow tribes wandering in the south. This lasted in a fifty-four year war (ending in 55 AS), which resulted in Kallow claiming Magoshen, a city full of physical majik.
  • 55

    Renburr Inquisition

    Renburr imposed its beliefs on the Kallow-centered Magoshen, putting scholarly and academic principles, and a sense of fealty, before the religion. When the people resisted, Renburr imposed the Renburr Inquisition. This forced peoples into fiefs and basically made them become servants of their instituted rules. This, however, enforced the sense of community in Magoshen.
  • 75

    The Dragon Riders are Established

    After seventy five years of silence, the Draginthian government started Dragon Academy, a school dedicated to training the wild tea dragons. By the end of their three year course, the students were able to control their dragon's powers and ride them. The Dragon Riders formed an important part of trade and communication with the Mainland.
  • 80

    Magoshen rises to Prominence

    The Magoshens become the center of the Renburr trading routes, thus taking in more information. The Renburr continued spreading its influence otuward, past the Boum and Raang Cannons, and taking control of the Farming Hills. Renburr
  • 85

    The Aun Tribe Revolt

    The Aun tribe of Renburr revolted for the first time, due to rising tensions with the governers over them. The rebellion was swifly put down and the inciters were marched to the Capital as hostages. A year later, they tried to escape, caught, and were executed. As a result of this, the Aun tribe grew outraged and plotted a conspiracy against the Renburrs. Five years later, they rose up against the Renburr capital in revolution.
  • 86

    Guns are Invented

    The Mageo inventors create a weapon that, ironically, makes their levitation powers obsolete
  • 90

    The Au Revolution

    After putting their governors to the sword, the Aun tribe marched on Olshen, the Renburr Capital, and took it by storm. After a few days of parley, they agreed to withdraw from the capital if they were allowed to establish their own territory.
  • 96

    The Au War

    As the king lay in declining health and the country in disarray, the Au Commander Livi decided to attack the frays of the country. There, she cut a swath through the southern part of the country, defeating everyone in her path, and headed towards the capital.
  • 97

    King Velemity Salis of Renburr Died

    The king of Renburr adopted an indolent lifestyle during his reign, and his country was run by Dravis, his advisor. When the king of Renburr died, he left his ten-year-old son Velemity Delis as heir. Dravis and his wife Aglatha seized power, killed Delis's mother, and forged a will declaring themselves as regents.
  • 250

    Draginthia Opens its Gates once more

    As technology evolved in the Mainland, Draginthia was cut off from the rest of the world. The singular form of communication was the Dragon Riders, but even they couldn't keep up with the travel. Talking together with the newly established Aurenburg Empire, the Kal'ow learders, and the {{}} Kingdom, Draginthia claimed a territory and built a portal connecting it to the Mainland.
  • 275

    The First Hover Car is Invented

    Through corperating technology from the Mainland, Elbert Hover created the first hover car. Although it couldn't work on the Mainland -- needing the Dragontech Crystal to power it -- it added a new facet to Dragontech technology.
  • 358

    Corin is Born

  • 358

    Asha is Born

  • 361

    Heather is Born

  • 368

    The Sklith-Canine War Begins

    War broke out between the Sklith and Valayans when a group of Valayan children went exploring in the Sklith territory. They (allegedly) wanted to spread their culture, so they brought along their whittling knives. (Believe me, when I heard this story, I facepalmed too.) However, they were mistook for a raiding party and the Sklith attacked. This resulted in casulties on both sides. Later, the Sklith attacked a wolf tribe village, killing all its inhabitants.
  • 369

    The Assembly of Tradition Restoration and Preservation

    As Draginthia began to spread its technological influence outward, Magëo lost power as a major city center, losing some of its important cultural history. As a result, Davis Everheart founded ATRAP, an organization that contributed to the Magëoan emigration and immigration laws.