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Copyright Timeline

  • Mar 14, 1450

    Invention of the Printing Press

    Invention of the Printing Press
    The printing press was invented to make copies easier to make. The books to make were way easier when they were made.
  • Invetion of the Video Camera

    Invetion of the Video Camera
    They inveted the video camera to record the inportant stuff happening around the world. Video cameras were useful for good memories and they are still are good for that.
  • Statute of Anne

    Statute of Anne
    It was a statute made by Parliament of Great Britain that was the first from of copyright by governent. It was introduced by Edward Wortley.
  • Invention of the Record Player

    Invention of the Record Player
    The very first form of a record player was called a Phonograph. It allowed for the recording and repoduction of sound. It was invented by Thomas Edison.
  • Invention of Film

    Invention of Film
    The very first known form of recorded film. The very first movies were silent and had no sound.
  • Invention of The Radio Stations

    Invention of The Radio Stations
    Radio wstations was the perfect way to comunnicate to people. It also was to entertain people.
  • First Patent on a living organism

    First Patent on a living organism
    The first patent was on a purified form of adrenaline. They argured that since it was purified, it was better than the nautral form and won.
  • Zapata Fights for Ejidos

    Zapata Fights for Ejidos
    Zapate started to fight for ejidos to make him look stronger. The point of it was for him to take away the money of the people and make him rich.
  • MPAA founded

    MPAA founded
    The MPAA is a trade association that represents 6 big hollywood studios. These are the guys that put the ratings on movies.
  • US copyright Laws

    US copyright Laws
    The purpose of copyright law is ostensibly "to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.Mostly to not let people copy the things you created already.
  • Invention of TV

    Invention of TV
    The porpuse of inventing the tv was to make people buy them of course and make them she the news. They mostly used the tv to convinced people to go help the state by joining the war.
  • GATT Passed

    GATT Passed
    GATT was basically a trade agreement. It was replaced by the World Trade Organization in 1995.
  • RIAA founded

    RIAA founded
    RIAA mostly represents music. It represents its rights the music has and the way they need to show the respect.
  • Invention of Cassette Tape

    Invention of Cassette Tape
    The compact cassette was invented in 1962 but not introduced until 1963. It soon became the easy and practical way to listen to music
  • Invention of Internet

    Invention of Internet
    AARPANET was introduced in October 29, 1969. AARPANET was a connection between two computers. The internet was invented in the late 1980s and was based on AARPANET
  • Copyright Law Changed

    Copyright Law Changed
    The time a person was entitled to copyright was changed. Now a work created by a corportation is enititled to copyright for 120 years after creation or 95 years after publication, whichever is shorter.
  • Invention of CDs

    Invention of CDs
    The CD-R replaced the Compact Cassette and became the more popular way to store and listen to music. It could play 80 minutes of audio or hold 700 MB of data.
  • Kimdotcom Arrested

    Kimdotcom Arrested
    Kim Dotcom is most notably known for his Megaupload website. However in 1994, he was arrested for trafficking in stolen phone calling card numbers
  • Invention of DVD

    Invention of DVD
    The purpose they invented the DVD's were to fit more hours on the film. The DVD's were more easier to make and helpful for the invirement.
  • NAFTA Passed

    NAFTA Passed
    NAFTA was passed to make the economy better. Instead of making the economy better it's making it worst because it is making a lot of people suffer.
  • Ipod Invented

    Ipod Invented
    The iPod was created because people wanted to take a lot of music in one little thing not the whole computure. So thats why they invented the iPod in the first for the people that like to listen to music the whole time.
  • Napster shutdown

    Napster shutdown
    Napster was sued to copyright claims and lost a lot of money. They tried to get back on their feat but an American bankruptcy judge forced Napster to liquidate their assets.
  • hr4437 proposed in California

    hr4437 proposed in California
    This wa s protesting from the boarder protection. Most people were shot in the protest it later became a riot.
  • Iphone Invented

    Iphone Invented
    The first Iphone was realeased to the general public in June 29, 2007. Most recently, the Iphone 5 was released in late 2012.
  • Pirate bay taken to court

    Pirate bay taken to court
    CHarges were filed due to copyright infringement. This case got a lot of media attention.
  • Foxconn Suicides

    Foxconn Suicides
    Foxxcon suicides occured between January and November 2010. There were a reported 14 casualties which got a lot of media attention
  • Ipad created

    Ipad created
    The iPad was created to bring the people to know their future. People don't know how people from the factory thas been treated but yet if they knew they wouldn't care because it's not their raise.
  • SB1070

    SB 1070 was a law passed on Arizona. Pretty much if a police or border patrol suspects someone is an illegal immigrant, they can pull them over and send them back to their country of origin.
  • Limewire Shut Down

    Limewire Shut Down
    Limewire was shut down becuase it was making the artist mad. They were mad because they were not getting their money that they needed to get.
  • Napster Invented

    Napster Invented
    Napster was to share music files easily. Napster later on was band because it was suied by the copyright company.
  • Brazil breaks international Copyright laws by copying HIV medication

    Brazil breaks international Copyright laws by copying HIV medication
    Brazil was paying the US a lot of money for HIV medication. Brazil is a poor country and so they decided to make their own medicine and give it to their people free of charge.