Copper Sunrise Plotline

  • Star of Bethlehem Departure/Arrival

    The Star of Bethlehem arrives at the "New Land". This is important for obvious reasons; if this never happened Jamie would have never gone and met Tethani.
  • Jamie and Tethani meet

    Jamie and Tethani meet. This is important since if they never met, none of the story with Jamie protecting the natives could have happened.
  • Jamie and Tethani's family meet

    Jamie meets Tethani's family at his village. If they hadn't met, Jamie probably wouldn't have protected Tethani's family with such fervor, although he probably would have tried.
  • Craven comes

    Craven comes and starts the war. If he hadn't, the war wouldn't have started and all of the native's deaths wouldn't have happened, Tethani wouldn't have died, etc.
  • Tethani and his family's death

    Tethani and his family die and Jamie buries him. If it hadn't happened the story wouldn't have that bittersweet ending and, anyways, Tethani and his family was be alone without their tribe.