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cooking assessment

  • aborigines hunting meat

    aborigines hunting meat
    living off the fat of the land The meat that the Aborigines is Goanna, Witchetty grub, Water rat, Bandicoot, Wombat, Barramundi,kangaroo, Smaller marsupials, such as the wallaby, paddy-melon, bandicoot, possum, koala bearrabbits, Echidna kangaroo rat,land mammals, birds, reptiles, seafood and insects
  • aboriginal live off the land

    aboriginal live off the land
    bush tuckerBefore European settlement came to australian in 1788. Aboriginals live off the land. Aboriginals learned to hunter and gatherer their food. kid learn to do this by their parents and they learnt from they parents. so each time a new kids is born their parents will teach them to hunter and gatherer food for their family.
  • Aborigines woman gathering food

    Aborigines woman gathering food
    Aboriginal cultureThe Aborigines women would gather Quandong, Moreton bay chestnut, Desert yam, Bust tomate, Long yam, Bullrush root, wattleseed, Nonda plums, Lillypilly, vegetables, roots, herbs, fruits and nuts, eggs and honey,
  • Equipment use by men for hunting

    Equipment use by men for hunting
    aboriginesThe Equipment that was by man for hunting was spears, spearthrower and boomerrangs. Something canoes were used.
  • equipment used by woman

    equipment used by woman
    australia- aboriginal traditional societyWoamin also use equipment like digging sticks and coolamone ( elongated wooden dish used for gathering plant and animal foods) for gathering food.
  • Cooking food

    Cooking food
    Cooking practices and health of hunting-gatherers sometimes meat was wrapped in papperbark or other leaf matter to protect the flesh from the open flame.
    plant foods required more careful perparation since many of them were difficult to digest and even poisonous. wemen spent many hours washing, grinding, pounding, straining, grating, boiling and cooking plant food.
  • living off the land

    living off the land
    australina aborigines living off the fat of the landliving of the land worked well for the aboriginal people because theor population and needs were relatively small and they moved around seasonally in search of any specific food source.
  • The first fleet

    The first fleet
    the first fleetthe ship of the first fleet, sent from England with convicts to found a penal colony in NSW, landed at sydney cove on 26 January 1788. this day is now know as "Australia Day"
  • food brought on the first fleet

    food brought on the first fleet
    thew first fleet shipsFood was on the first fleet voyage consisted of flour, rice, salted meat, sugar, salt, alcohol, vinegar, seeds, died peas and vine cuttings. livestock were brought as a source of fresh meat.
  • growing

    growingEarly settlers succeeded in growing corn, wheat and badly. This crop did not signficantly alter the variety of tge food eaten.
  • makeing meals

    makeing meals
    the first fleetThe meat rations were usually made into stews and pies and the dried peas were boiled to thick type of porridge. the flour was used to make damper or sometimes added to the cooking of any available green leaves oir vegetable. this made meal very similar to vegetable porridge.
  • served

    growing cropsThese rations were generally served hot and were high in fat, protein and reafined carbohydrate and particularly low in dietary filbre. These ration remained the basic diet for most Australians for the first fifty years of settlement. Eventually it was supplemented with fruit and vegetables as the crops began to grow successfully.
  • today

    Today we ahve so much food and different types and from all over the country
  • takeaway

    now so many do not eat healtly food now because of TAKEAWAY FOOD eg KFC, Mc donalds, fast food places, pizza places and red rooster.
  • obeast

    most of the worlds poplation is obeast
    because of eatting to much food or eat fast food