convicts and colnies

Timeline created by mr carrot
  • Period: to

    convicts and colinies

  • start

    on the 26 january 1788, the colony of new south wales was founded. according to athur phillips commission of 25th of april 1787, the area of the colony exended to the westland
  • NSW border extend

    the border of new south wales was moved to the meridian easts.
  • swan river

    charles fremantle founded the swan river coleny
  • rename: western austrailer

    swan river colony renamed to western austrail
  • South Austrailer

    new state claimed as south austrailer
  • north austrailer

    north austrailer was claimed and new south whales
  • north aust return

    north austrailer was part of new south wales again
  • victoria

    victroian boarder was claimed
  • van diemens land rename

    van diemens land was renamed to tasmaina
  • queens land border claimed

    queens land boarder claimed at north of austrailer
  • queensland boarder moved

    queensland boarder moved west
  • south austrail boarder moved up

    south austrail boarder moved up and after that the boarders have stayed the same