Controversies and sacms

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  • Teenage dreams the big loser.

    Teenage dreams the big loser.
    Teenage dream was nominated for 6 categories against albums and songs that did not make competition but apparently lost all, all these categories lost because the winner was changed at the last moment just because the winner would be a woman.
  • Conspiracy theory

    Conspiracy theory
    This theory began after Meghan Trainor won the best artist grammy since everyone who won that category was destined to fail in his own album or song.
  • Live Sabotage.

    Live Sabotage.
    The most famous sabotage was when Adele precented himself live and his microphones would stop working as well as the instruments and he had nothing more than to cancel his act at half precentacion.
  • Justin Bieber and his grammy.

    Justin Bieber and his grammy.
    This year it is rumored that this grammy was bought since the other nominees looked promising according to the criticism.
  • Scam artists revealed throughout the decade.

    Scam artists revealed throughout the decade.
    The former director of the Grammys being expelled revealed that this company scammed too many artists among those who stand out the most is Katy Perry since this artist since she began her career has never won any nomination.
  • The big fraud.

    The big fraud.
    This scam happened in 2020 since new artists such as Lizzo or Billie Ellish earned more grammys than others who deserved it more according to the criticism and that have been running for years.