Contract Negotiations

  • Period: to

    OEA asks YSU administration to renegotiate a new contract

    Stan Guzell, chief negotiator for the YSU chapter of OEA, asks the administration to identify their negotiating team.
  • Period: to

    Negotiations begin

  • Financial aid frozen

    Because of uncertainty regarding the start date of the fall semester, Angela Smith from the U.S. Department of Education advises Elaine Ruse, director of financial aid and scholarships, not to disburse student financial aid.
  • Fact Finder's Report

    Colombus attorney Howard Silver releases a report outling "recommended language" for a new contract between the faculty and administration of YSU.
  • The Board rejects

    The Board rejects
    The Board of Trustees rejects the Fact Finder's report.
  • Faculty issue strike notice

    The YSU chapter of OEA issues a 10-day notice to the administration, setting August 26 as the date the union would strike if an agreement could not be made.
  • Contract expires

    The most recent contract between the administration and faculty of YSU expires.
  • Financial aid freeze announced

    Jack Fahey, vice president for Student Affairs, and Gene Grilli, vice president for Administration and Finance, issue an email to students informing them that their financial aid will be on hold until the administration can be certain of the start date for the fall semester.
  • Silent Statement

    Silent Statement
    Students hold a silent protest of the stalled negotiations in the lobby of Tod Hall.
  • "Final, best offer"

    The Board of Trustees presents its final offer to the faculty of YSU.
  • Faculty Vote

    Faculty Vote
    The faculty of YSU vote whether to reject the "final, best offer" from the administration. OEA Spokesperson Sherry Linkon announces a strike for 8 am the following morning. The union later calls off the strike, citing student hardship resulting from the freeze on financial aid.
  • Student Protest

    Student Protest
    Students protest in support of faculty outside Tod Hall.
  • Board of Trustees press conference

    Board of Trustees press conference
    YSU Board of Trustees hold a press conference commending the union's decision to call of the strike, but said they will remain firm in their "final, best offer."
  • Lawsuit

    The YSU chapter of OEA files an unfair labor practice charge against the university.
  • Talks continue

    The faculty and administration of YSU met in Cushwa Hall regarding contract negotiations.