Consumer Sovereignty

  • Aérospatiale-BAC Concorde

    The Concorde was a supersonic passenger-jet, which was considered one of the best and safest passenger planes in the world, until a plane crashed on April 10, 2000. Following the tragedy, passenger numbers flying Concorde decreased rapidly and the plane was discontinued in 2003.
  • Apple I

    The Apple I was the original Apple Computer designed by Steve Wozniak. It was discontinued when Apple's early success had him move on to more complex products.
  • Crystal Pepsi

    This drink was introduced by Pepsi Cola in '92, but only had a short life due to it's not-so-appealing taste and poor marketing execution.
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  • Frutopia

    Frutopia was a soft-drink, developed in 1994 by Coca Cola industries, as a way to capitalize on other companies' success with tea-flavored products. It was phased out of almost all markets when it was proven unsuccessful.
  • Surge (Soft Drink)

    Surge was an energy-based soft drink produced by Coca-Cola, and launching in 1997. Sales began to slip in '03, and it was discontinued. However, you can still buy a drink with a similar recipe, called "Urge" in Norway!
  • Orbitz

    Orbitz was a Canadian soft-drink introduced in '97, which then disappeared due to low sales. Unopened bottles remain a collector's item today and are sold in online auctions.
  • Oreo O's

    Oreo O's was a cereal made by Post and Kraft. It was later discontinued in 2007, when the two bronds were no longer affiliated.
  • Pepsi Blue

    Pepsi Blue was a soft drink developed by PepsiCo. It was discontinuned in '04 due to its containing of Blue 1, a highly controversial coloring agent. It has since been discontinued in most markets.
  • Altoids Sours

    These things were my favorite mint snacks in the world. Sadly, the vast majority of the most profound flavors have been discontinued since 2002, due to marketing issues.
  • Sprite Remix

    Sprite Remix was a caffeine-free Sprite flavored soft-drink developed by Coca-Cola, then discontinued due to its unpopularity. Although Coca-Cola's website still says it is sold in a select few countries, it is primarily in decline.