Computor History (1999-2011)

  • Apple Ipod

    Apple Ipod
    The ipod was released at the 23rd of october 2011. This was the first ever ipod. It's just a simple music player.
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    Computor History (1999-2011)

  • Apple Macbook

    Apple Macbook
    To socialize and efficiently go on the internet away from your home not to mention download music to listen to. Also includes the macbook window.
  • Blu-ray

    To watch dvd's in high defintition and amazing sound quality.
  • Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo Wii
    To have fun while exercising-it’s a different way of playing a game!
  • Facebook

    Facebook is mainly to socialize with other people also to play games and such.
  • Dr.Dre Bears

    Dr.Dre Bears
    To clearly listen to your everyday music and hear the bass of each music clearly
  • HP pro Laptop

    HP pro Laptop
    To surf the internet in a place away from home efficiently
  • Samsung Galaxy S II

    Samsung Galaxy S II
    provide instant access to music, games, e-reading and social networking services.
  • N3DS

    To play various types of games in 3 dimension. Also includes new funtions and features.
  • HTC Cha Cha

    HTC Cha Cha
    To socialize, call and communicate etc