Computers over time

  • punch cards

    punch cards
    Holes in cards, Also known as punch cards were known to be used during 1725. They allowed companies to store information by entering the card through a computer. Punch cards were mainly used for retrieving data in the 1900s, now there are other advanced technology that we use itoday instead..
  • Analytical machine

    Analytical machine
    The analytical machine, It started in about 1833 and was the first fully program controlled, automatic, mechanical digital computer. it could perform any calculation and consisted of four components; the mil, the store, the reader and the printer.
  • High-level programming language

    High-level programming language
    High-level programming language, Designed in the 1950s, high-level programming language is made for a specific software job and is easier to understand, some examples are java and pascal.
  • First electronic spread sheet

    First electronic spread sheet
    First electronic spreadsheet, The first spreadsheet was released in 1979. its a new level of application software. It mostly helped with calculating because you were able to change a single number without having to redo the whole calculation.
  • Windows

    Windows, microsoft windows was introduced for the first time on november 10th, 1983 with windows 1.0., it is an operating system that provides interaction with other computer programs.