Computers in the 1950's

  • First Electronic Computer Created

    First Electronic Computer Created
    U.S Government completed the UNIVAC 1101. It is considered to be the first computer able to store and run a program from memory. UNIVAC would predict the presidential election on live televison in 1953.
  • Z4 Is Sold

    Z4 Is Sold
    In July of 1950, Konrad Zuse sold the Z4, becoming the first commercial computer.
  • Patent For Magnetic-core memeory, RAM

    Patent For Magnetic-core memeory, RAM
    Jay Forrester created a very early type of random access memory and applied for his patent in May of 1951.
  • First Commercial Hard Disk Drive

    First Commercial Hard Disk Drive
    Reynold Johnson and a team at IBM developed and assembled the Model 350 RAMAC. The RAMAC stored around 3.75 megabytes of data on 50 large hard disks. In 1986, Johnson was awarded with the National Medal of Technology.
  • First Optical Scanner

    First Optical Scanner
    Created by Russell Kirsch. Kirsch created the scanner originally to find variation in the intensity of surfaces of photographs. The fist image he ever scanned was a picture of his 3 month old son.