By aspy11
  • Z1

    this was the first programmable calculating machine, I think this is one of the big ones that changed technology because it gave us a lot more room to work,
  • hard drives

    hard drives
    when first invented it contained 24 inch disks and held 5 MB in the U.S it cost about one million dollars but now it is cheaper but they are very useful.
  • mouse

    Douglas Englebart invted the first working mouse and it makes it easier to work the computer.
  • portable phones

    portable phones
    people always used phones to get a hold of eachother but if they were out of the house how were you supposed to reach someone so thats why i think it was pretty important to have portable phones so you can reach people out of the house.
  • portable

    In 1975 the first portable computer was invted and that was pretty big because people could take what ther were doing with them.
  • internet

    This was the first world wide web and it is pretty much the internet and it has made it so people can serch things on the web.
  • Ipod

    the fist Ipod was made in 1998 and i think it was pretty big because it gave people music to listen to on the go and everyone liked it.
  • Ipod touch

    Ipod touch
    the Ipod touch was the fist electronic that allowed you to touch the screen to get where you wanted to go it was little easy to carry and good to keep things on.
  • Ipad

    the Ipad was just a very blown up size of the Ipod so it had the same doings it acted as a computer but was very easy to get to place to place with it.
  • Ipad mini

    Ipad mini
    the Ipad mini is just a bigger version of the Ipod touch but a littler version of the Ipad so it had all the same perks but easier to carry around.