Computer Timeline

By rzavala
  • MacBook Air

    invention: MacBook Air
    inventor: Steve Jobs
    Apple made the first notebook laptop. Very light to carry and not as heavy as the old laptops
  • Seagate

    Inventor: Seagate
    invention: 4 Terabyte
    It has helped us by having the computers hold more information. Instead of grabbing the little usb drive it had more storage.
  • Microsoft 8

    Invention: Microsoft 8
    Inventor: Microsoft
    Its on everyones computer now, I'm not sure what number we're on now but it helps our computers run smooth.
  • AlphaGo

    inventor: Google developers
    invention: AlphaGo
    We are seeing it more now the AI to create, well alpha go was the first AI to be invented. There was a viral video where Tupac was on a show but they uses AI to show him performing.
  • Google

    Inventor: Google
    Invention: Quantum Supremacy They have built a computer that can solve anything and is the fastest, so that drives apple to make a faster computer so that's why every year a new computer comes that's way faster than the old one.