Computer History Timeline

  • Calculating Clock

    Calculating Clock
    Wilhelm Schickard designs the first known mechanical calculator, to multiply large numbers. This is the first break through in the history of computers and calculators.
  • Pascaline

    Famous Mathmatian invents an adding machine. It could perform addition and subtraction. I like this particular event because his name sounds like my last name. :)
  • Mechanical Calculator

    Mechanical Calculator
    Samuel Morland builds machine that will add and subtract!! Without a machine like this I probably wouldn't have been able to pass math for the past few years.
  • Stepped Reckoner

    Stepped Reckoner
    Gottfried Leibnez, the man everybody blames for the invention of calculus, uses a stepped cylindrical gear to build his "Stepped Reckoner" whichmutiplies and adds. - I hate calculus and I'm glad to find out who invented it.
  • Phillip-Malthus Hahn

    Phillip-Malthus Hahn
    Hahn builds and sells a small number of calculating machines which has up to 12 digits. It's exciting to learn about one of the people who has made math easier for so many people.
  • First Mass-Produced Calculating Machine

    First Mass-Produced Calculating Machine
    The Mass Produced Calculating Machine, which was the first of it's kind was called Thomas de Colmar's Arithmometer, it was also marketed and continued to be in use for many years.
  • Telegraph

    In 1831 the telegraph is invented.
  • Analytical Engine

    Analytical Engine
    Three years later Babbage begins his work on the Analytical Engine.
  • First Programmer

    First Programmer
    Ada, Countess of Lovelace, suggests to Babbage that he use the binary system. She writes programs for his analytical engine, and then she becomes the world's first programmer
  • Lovelace Adds Commentary for Annaytical Engine

    Lovelace Adds Commentary for Annaytical Engine
    Ada translates Luigi Menabrea's theories of the analytical engine and adds her own commentary.