Computer History Timeline

By glong15
  • Slide Rule

    Slide Rule
    William Oughtred invented the slide rule. The first one that he made the circual. It is important becuase it it was the first anglong computer.
  • Calulator

    Phillip-Malthus Hahn builds and sells a small number of calculating machines which are accurate to 12 digits. This was important becuase computer use calulator for many things.
  • Card Puncher

    Card Puncher
    Joseph-Marie Jacquard invents an automated loom which uses punched cards to reproduce complex patterns. This is important becuase know we are able to see pattern every where for a chep price.
  • Typewriter

    This was invented by William Austin Burt. It's slow. This is important becuase it shows the first time that we were able to type.
  • electromechanical punched-card data processing machine

     electromechanical punched-card data processing machine
    Dr. Herman Hollerith made the first electromechanical punched card data processing machine. It is important becuase it was used to compile information from the 1890 US census.
  • flip-flop circuit

    flip-flop circuit
    Two American physicists, Eccles and Jordan, invent the flip-flop circuit.This was important becuase it made computer run faster
  • First Hard Drive

    First Hard Drive
    IBM builds the first hard drive. This was important becuase we could know save memrory
  • keyboard, keypad, mouse,

    keyboard, keypad, mouse,
    Douglas Engelbart, demonstrates his system of keyboard, keypad, mouse. This was important becuase we use all of them on a computer today.
  • Microsoft Windows

    Microsoft Windows
    Microsoft Windows was invented. This is important because many us use it, and the war with Apple and Windows started
  • Yahoo

    Yahoo is founded. It was founded by Stanford graduate students Jerry Yang and David Filo. This was important invent in history becuase it is where we can find much information.