Computer History Project

  • Z1 Computer

    Z1 Computer
    This was invented by Konrad Zuse, to help overcome difficulties. The three basics of this computer was memory, a calculator and a control system
  • ENIAC Invented

    ENIAC Invented
    ENIACThe electronic Numeral Integrater and Computer was invented for military purposes. This was also capable of solving long mathematical problems
  • Manchester Baby Computer

    Manchester Baby Computer
    Baby CompThis was the first digital storage system. This is still used today but a few adjustments have been made to it. Now it's know as RAM
  • UNIVAC Computer

    UNIVAC Computer
    UNIVACThis was the first commercial computer, this was also created by the inventors of the ENIAC. UNIVAC stands for Universal Automatic Computer and was used to pick Presidential winners
  • International Business Machine (IBM)

    International Business Machine (IBM)
    IBMThis computer was intially for government use for atomic research, Navy and weather bureau. Then the computer was released to the public April 23, 1953.

    FORTRANThis was the first computer to use multiple languages such as ADA, Algol, BASIC, COBOL, C, C++, LISP, PASCAL and Prolog. This wasn't release to the public until 1957 but was invented in 1954.
  • ERMA

    ERMAThis was the first computer that allowed banking to becoming a major industry. ERMA, Electronic Recording Machine Accounting was greatly used by Bank Of America.
  • Intergrated Circuit

    Intergrated  Circuit
    ChipThis is also known as the chip, this processes all the information in the computer, such as what keys are presses and when the mouse is moved.
  • Spacewar Computer Game

    Spacewar Computer Game
    SpaceThis was the first digital game ever created. It involved each players trying to destroy eachothers spaceship. There was a star in the middle that pulled the ship near the middle resulting in death.

    Net Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET), this was at first only for militarity use for research. This eventually evolve in Internet.
  • The Ethernet Computer Networking

    The Ethernet Computer Networking
    History Of Ethernet This varies for APRANET because ethernet connected computers to eachother in the same building. This was invented by Robert Metcalfe.
  • The IBM PC - Home Computer

    The IBM PC - Home Computer
    PC This was one of the only computer that people could by to use at thier house. This revolutionized the way that people got news and infomation other than tv
  • Wireless Network

    Wireless Network
    Wireless NetworkThis was first thought of by Heinrich Rudolf Herz in 1888.This was never fully understood and developed until 1997. As time goes though wireless is becoming better and faster
  • XBOX 360

    XBOX 360
    XBOX 360
    This was released to compete with PS3 and Wii but the online gaming on XBOX 360 was improved from the previous XBOX
  • IPAD 2

    IPAD 2
    Ipad 2
    This was the second tablet product released by Apple that was touched screen. The Ipad have been used in classrooms, work and news station. The Ipad is light and easy to transport