Computer History

  • Fist IBM Computer

    Fist IBM Computer
    The first IBM 701 EDPM computer is introduced in 1953. This is important in computer history because IBM was a large part in shaping how computers are today. IBM was the largest company in commercial computers for many years.
  • First Video Game: Spacewar

    First Video Game: Spacewar
    The very first video game, Spacewar, is created in 1962. This is an important event because it started computer gaming which is extremly popular. Gaming has pushed computers to become more and more powerful which has played a big part in where they are today.
  • Computer Mouse & Windows

    Computer Mouse & Windows
    The first computer mouse is created and Windows operating system is created. These two things are very important in the advancement of computer technology. Without a mouse a computer experience would be much different. Without windows (as in windowed progams) many things we do today, like multitasking, would be much more difficult and may not be possible.
  • First Microprocessor: Intel 4004

    First Microprocessor: Intel 4004
    The very first microprocessor is invented in 1971. This is a very important milestone because every computer used today has a microprocessor. Without it, we would be unable to do basically anything. As we learned, the microprocessor is sometimes called the "heart" or "brain" of the computer.
  • First Floppy Disk Invented

    First Floppy Disk Invented
    The very first floppy disk is created in 1971. This is an important milestone because this is the first advancement in portable storage. Today we don't commonly use floppy disks anymore, but we still do use portable storage, and this was the first of its kind.
  • The IBM home computer

    The IBM home computer
    IBM introduces the first personal computer commerially sold in 1981. This is very revolutionary because without this first personal computer, who knows, the personal computer revolution may have never started! This was a huge advancement, and obviously we still use personal computers to this day.
  • Microsoft Windows Introduced

    Microsoft Windows Introduced
    In 1985 Microsoft Windows operating system is introduced. Without Microsoft Windows we would not see many of the advancements in operating systems that we see today. Windows has pushed the operating systems to become better and better over the years, and many people still use Microsoft Windows over any other operating system today.
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    The world wide web is introduced to the public in 1991. The Internet, or the world wide web, is one of the most groundbreaking events in computer history. It one of the biggest leaps in computer technology. The world wide web is still used today and I believe it will continued to be used as long as computers are around.
  • Terminator 2: Judgement Day

    Terminator 2: Judgement Day
    Terminator 2: Judgement Day is released in 1992 with many groundbreaking special effects. Terminator 2 was one of the most expensive movies for its time. It used many of the latest computer graphic technologies and costed about 100 million dollars to make. Many effects seen in the movie are computer generated and far ahead of many other films being released at the time.
  • Mozilla Firefox Introduced

    Mozilla Firefox Introduced
    The internet browser Mozilla Firefox is introduced in 2004. This is a big event because before this, the big internet browser had been only Internet Explorer. After the release of Mozilla Firefox we start to see the competitiveness of internet browsers start to rise and many new internet browsers soon to come.