Computer History


    I think this is important because the ENIAC was much better than its predecessors. The ENIAC could perform 5,000 operations per second. The inputs and outputs were cards, lights, switches, and plugs and it tool up 1,000 square feet. Source *Note: I will be putting in 1's for any date fields not mentioned in the articles I read.
  • ERMA and MICR

    ERMA and MICR
    In 1955, researchers at Stanford developed a computer called ERMA (Electronic Recording Method of Accounting) that was designed to help computerize Bank of America. It was paired with a technology called MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) that allowed computerized tracking and accounting of check transactions. Source
  • ARPAnet

    ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) was considered the first internet by many. It was originally developed to protect the flow of information from geographically distant military installations. Source
  • Xerox Alto

    Xerox Alto
    The Xerox Alto was a computer that offered menus and icons, could have several programs open simultaneously in windows and had a built-in mouse for input. I think this is very important because it is the first computer to work like what we have now. Source
  • Osborne I

    Osborne I
    The Osborne I was the first portable computer. It had a 5" screen, 64 kilobytes of memory, and was priced at only $1,795. I think this was a very important invention because it was the first step of making computers very portable. Source
  • Commodore 64

    Commodore 64
    The Commodore 64 was an important onvention because at over 22 million units sold in 11 years, it was recognized in 2006 as the single greatest selling computer model of all time. Source
  • The World Wide Web

    The World Wide Web
    The World Wide Web is intriduced to the public. I think this is very important because we still use the World Wide Web today and it has become the basis of the internet. Source
  • Google

    I think this is important because Google is the largest search engine, and has held that title for a very long time. Source
  • iPod

    This is important because almost everyone now has an iPod of some sort. They have become the most popular mp3 players in the world. Source
  • First Robotic Surgery

    First Robotic Surgery
    The first robotic surgery was a very important event because it shows how robots are becoming more complex and accurate. I think more and more robotic surgeries will be happening in the near future. Source
  • Watson

    Watson was a computer program created by IBM. It was designed to play Jeapordy against two of the best Jeapordy players ever. When Watson won, it marked an amazing achievement of computers. Source