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  • Difference machine

    Difference machine
    Charles Babbage developed the first mecahnical computer "The difference machine" in 1822, could compute several sets of numbers and make hard copies of results.
  • Z1

    In 1938 Konrad Zuse invented the Z1 computer, first functional and programmable computer. Created in his mother and father's own living room!
  • Z4

    Z4 computer created by Konrad Zuse, first commercial computer and later sold to Eduard Stifiel- Swiss mathematician.
  • Colossus

    Colossus computer invented by Tommy Flowers and first demonstrated in 1943, helped british code-breakers read german messages.
  • ABC computer

    ABC computer
    1947 ABC computer (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) invented by John Vincent Atanasoff and Cliff Berry, first digital computer.
  • ECC

    First computer company
    ECC(electronic controls company) 1949 J. Presper Eckert and John Mauchly.
  • Apple 1

    Apple 1
    First apple computer
    Steve wozniak designed apple 1. Apples first computer 1976 and originally sold for $666.66 US
  • Compaq Portable

    Compaq Portable
    First pc clone
    Compaq portable considered first pc clone march 1983