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Comparison between Thor and Lincoln

  • birth of Thor

    thor came from asgard above earth.
  • Date of Birth

    Date of Birth
    Abraham Lincoln was born in a one room log cabin in Nolin Creek, Kentucy.
  • Period: to

    Thor vs. Lincoln

  • Main Gods

    thor is one of the three main gods of the norse. the other two were odin and frey
  • Strongest of all the gods

    thor is described as the "strongest of all gods and men"
  • School Time

    School Time
    Lincoln went to a one room log cabin schoolhouse.
  • Abe's first turkey

    Abe's first turkey
    At the age of seven, abe shot his first turkey.
  • son of odin and lord

    thor is the son of odin and lord. it is also said that he is the son of odin and frigg
  • Past Away

    Past Away
    When abe was only 9 when his mother, Nacy lincoln died.
  • Thor wife

    thor's wife is called sif.
  • thor is a father

    his children are magni, modi,and thrud.
  • Stepfather

    thor is a stepfather to Ull.
  • Time to move

    Time to move
    Abe moved to Illinois, which was 200 miles.
  • foster child

    he is the foster son of vingnir and hlora
  • thor's home

    thor lives in a place called thrudvanger
  • Thor's hall

    his hall is called bilskirnir. its said there are 540 room. its suppose to be the biggest building ever bulit
  • thor's hammer

    thor is best known for his hammer, which is called mjollner. it was best known for being used to kill frost gaints
  • Wedding Bells

    Wedding Bells
    Lincoln married ,Mary Todd in springfeild, Illinois.
  • First Born

    Robert Todd was lincoln frist baby.
  • Hammer

    It is made of an unknown dense metal. But its virtually indestructible.
  • Second Son

    Edward Todd Lincoln was born.
  • call to adventure

    Thor's call to adventure was when he had to find his way back home.
  • Third but not last.

    Wille was the tird son of Licoln.
  • The fouth

    Thomas was Abe fourth son.
  • Speech

    Abe gave his speech on slavery even tho people didnt want to give up there slave. Republican party nominated Abe for president of united states on May 18. Abe was also elected as the 16th presdient that was the first republican to be elected on november 6th.
  • Trip to D.C

    In febuary, Abe was on his was to Washington, D.C. MArch 4th, he gave his first Inaugural Address. April 12 the civil war begins. The confederates open fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston.
  • Freeing of all slaves

    Issue emancipation proclamation on jan 1, freeing all slaves all across land. On July 3rd the conferates army lost battleof Gettysburg.
  • Mortal

    He's a god and he's not even immortal. Why? Because the Asgardian's aren't really "gods", they are just really powerful beings that think of themselves as gods.
  • Last year

    April 9th, confedrate general Robert E. Lee surrenered his army to union general Ulysses S. Grant to appomattox court house in Virginia. Abe was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth at Ford's Theater. On April 15 at 7:22am Abe died. However, the Thirteenth amendment to the constitution is ratified on Dec 6. Abraham Lincoln did not live to see slavery abolished.