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Abraham Lincoln

  • A Wedding

    Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks marry in Kentucky.
  • The First Born

    Lincoln's sister Sarah was born in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.
  • The Man Himself Is Born

    Abraham Lincoln in Hardin County Kentucky. His birthday is known as Lincoln Day.
  • The Third Babe Passes

    Lincoln's little brother Thomas dies at infancy.
  • Moving Day

    The family moves to Perry County, Indiana.
  • No, Not The Mother!

    Lincoln's mom, Nancy Lincoln (Hanks), dies and was buried in Spence County, Indiana.
  • Oh Mr. Lincoln, Why So Soon?

    Abraham's father, Thomas Lincoln, marries again. This time to Sarah Bush Johnson.
  • Yay, Another Wedding!

    Lincoln's sister Sarah marries Aaron Grigsby at the age of 18.
  • Oh Dear, Dear, Dear

    Sarah dies in childbirth at the age of 20.
  • Moving Day, Yet Again.

    Lincoln and his father moved to Illinois, near Decatur. Lincoln gives his first political speech in favor of improving navigation on the Sangamon River.
  • Settlin' Down

    Lincoln moves to New Salem, Illinois and works as a clerk in the village store.
  • Oh Abe, Gettin' So Far

    In March: Lincoln becomes a candidate for Illinois General Assembly.
    In April: The Black Hawk War starts and Lincoln joins.
  • Get 'Em Next Time Superstar

    Lincoln loses the election.
  • See? Things Are Lookin' Up My Boy

    Lincoln becomes the Postmaster of New Salem and in October he becomes the Deputy County Surveyor.
  • L Is For The Way You Look At Me. O Is For The Only One I See...

    Lincoln starts to study law and meets his first love, Ann Rutledge.
  • Oh Abe, My Boy! You're Makin Me So Proud

    Lincoln is elected to the General Illinois Assembly.
  • Oh Abe Honey...

    Ann Rutledge dies from fever. Forever in our hearts. But on the up side, he becomes the leader of the Whig Party.
  • The Sun'll Come Out Tomorrow

    On August 1st: Lincoln is re-elected to the Illinois Generel Assembly. On September 9th: Recieves his law license. He also starts to date Mary Owens.
  • Whew, Busy Day Huh?

    Lincoln moves to Springfield, becomes the law partners with John T. Stuart but Mary Owens declined his proposal.
  • Livin' On The Crazy Train

    Re-elected into the Illinois Generel Assembly.
  • LIAGCM (Law School Is A Great Career Move)

    Practises as a lawyer on the 8th Judicial Circuit in Illinois.
  • Abraham's Heart Soars And He Can Dance?!?!

    Lincoln meets Mary Todd as a Christmas dance.
  • Oh Abe, How I Am Proud Of You

    Lincoln recieves admission to United States Circuit Court.
  • Did He Serenade Her?

    Lincoln proposes to Mary Todd and she accepts.
  • You Lost Your Game Abe.

    Lincoln breaks off his engagement to Mary Todd and suffers from depression
  • You Sly Dog! Woof, Woof!

    Abe resumes his courtship with Mary Todd.
  • Get 'Em Abe, Just Get 'Em!

    Lincoln gets challenged to a sword duel by James Shields over the publication of letters which taunted the Democrat Shields.
  • Oh, How Shveet.

    Abe marries Mary Todd in Springfield.
  • You're A Daddy Abe.

    Robert Todd Lincoln is born to Abe and Mary
  • Way To Go Sweetie Pie!

    Lincoln sets up his own law practice.
  • Another Boy Babe For You Abe.

    Edward Baker Lincoln is born
  • But I'm A Vampire Slayer!

    Lincoln is nominated as Whig candidate for U.S. Congress.
  • Oh Abe, How You Make Mommy Proud!

    Lincoln is elected to the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • Gee Willakers!

    The Lincoln family moves to a boarding house in Washington, D.C.
  • Good Boy Abe! Good Boy!

    Gives a speech against war policy regarding Mexico
  • Hangin' With Homer.

    Lincoln leaves politics to practice law in Springfield.
  • I Honestly Doubt You Were That Honest Honest Abe. Honestly.

    Lincoln resumes his role in the 8th Judicial Circuit gaining a reputation as an outstanding lawyer and earning the nickname of 'Honest Abe'.
  • Eddie My Dear. My Sweet Boy. I Bid You Farewell.

    Edward Baker Lincoln died at the age of 3 years and 328 days old. His death was recorded as chronic consumption but it is believed that he may have died from medullary thyroid cancer which Lincoln and his two other sons may have shared some part of the genetic cancer syndrome.
  • Really Abe? Another Babe?

    William Wallace Lincoln (Willie) was born.
  • Abe! Stop With The Babes!

    Thomas (Tad) Lincoln is born.
  • And I Heard As It Were...

    Lincoln gives a speech on slavery in New Haven, Connecticut
  • Abraham Lincoln Is Flawless.

    Lincoln is nominated to be the Republican candidate for President of the United States.
  • Celebrate Good Times, C'mon!

    Abraham Lincoln is elected as 16th U.S. president.
  • I Live On 205 Merry Road...

    President Lincoln delivers his First Inaugural Address.
  • I've Been Hit!

    There is an attack on Fort Sumter - Confederates under General Pierre Beauregard open fire marking the start of the Civil War.
  • John Wilkes Booth? More Like John WIMPY Booth!

    A kidnap plot by John Wilkes Booth fails when Lincoln doesn't arrive as expected at the Soldiers Home.
  • Abe Are You Okay? Are You Okay Abe?

    President Lincoln and his wife Mary go to Ford's Theater to see the play "Our American Cousin" . During the third act of the play John Wilkes (Wimpy) Booth shoots the president in the head at approx 10:13 p.m.
  • Oh My Man I Love Him So! He'll Never Know! Goodbye My Little Boo Boo.

    President Abraham Lincoln dies at 7:22 in the morning. Vice President Andrew Johnson assumes the presidency.
  • R.I.D (Rest In Discomfort).

    John Wilkes Booth is shot and killed in a tobacco barn in Virginia.
  • Oh Abe Me Boy! How You Will Be Missed But Forever In my Heart. Goodbye My Love. Goodbye.

    Abraham Lincoln is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, outside Springfield, Illinois.