Chasing Lincoln's Killer

  • Kidnap Lincoln

    Kidnap Lincoln
    John Wilkes Booth held a plan that he was going to kidnap Lincoln during his journey. He thought that Lincoln was going to be traveling through a certain route at a time, but someone found out about this and had Lincoln disguised and traveling at a different time.
  • End of Civil War

    End of Civil War
    The Civil War ended with the North winning. This left Southerners very unhappy with Lincoln, too.
  • Arrival at the Theater

    Arrival at the Theater
    Mr. and Mrs. Abrahm Lincoln, Major Rathbone, and his fiancée Clara Harris arrive at the theater around 8:30 pm.
  • Checking In

    Checking In
    John Wilkes Booth entered the theater around 9:00 pm to check on the play and hear what scene they were in. Doing this, he found out how much time he had left before the play would be over. He found out that he had about an hour left. Afterwards, he left the theater and went to have himself a drink across the street.
  • The First Shot

    The First Shot
    Booth shot Lincoln at 10:13 pm.
  • Assassination of Secretary of State Seward

    Assassination of Secretary of State Seward
    At around 10:00 Powell dressed as a messenger and arrived at the Seward mansion trying to trick the residents into thinking he has to deliver a medication to Seward. He eventually just goes crazy and starts slashing people.
  • Herold Abandoned Powell

    Herold Abandoned Powell
    While Powell was in the mansion attacking, a girl screamed out the window trying to get someones attention for help, so Herold ran away on his horse leaving Powell there by himself not knowing how to get home.
  • False Information

    False Information
    After Lincoln was assassinated, people were running all around the streets yelling that both Lincoln and Seward were killed which wasn't true. Seward didn't even die and Lincoln wasn't dead yet.
  • News was Spread

    News was Spread
    News soon started spreading around the streets of the attempt of murder towards Secretary of State Seward and the murder of President Abraham Lincoln
  • Lincolns's Death

    Lincolns's Death
    Lincoln was transferred into a boardinghouse from the theater because if they drove to the White House, he'd instantly die from all of the bumps and things in the road.
  • Conspirator Meeting

    Conspirator Meeting
    John Wilkes Booth held a meeting with his fellow conspirators at 8:00 pm. They decided who was going to kill President Abraham Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson and Secretary of State Seward.
  • Four Days in the Pine Thicket

    Four Days in the Pine Thicket
    Booth and Herold spent four days, April 16-20, hiding from the manhunters in a pine thicket.
  • Lewis Powell was Caught

    Lewis Powell was Caught
    Lewis Powell, Seward's attacker, went to a boardinghouse and was soon found and caught.
  • Lincoln's Funeral

    Lincoln's Funeral
    The most solemn day in history, President Abraham Lincoln's funeral.
  • Atzerodt's Arrest

    Atzerodt's Arrest
    George Atzerodt was caught and arrested.
  • David Herold Surrendered

    David Herold Surrendered
    Late at night on April 25, David Herold surrendered to the officers. He did this because he thought nothing would really happen to him since he didn't do anything anyways, but that ended up not being the case.
  • Booth was Caught

    Booth was Caught
    On April 25, the manhunters found Booth and Herold in a tobacco barn where the Garrett's had locked them because they didn't want them to steal their horses.
  • Booth's Decision

    Booth's Decision
    In the early, early morning around 12:30, Booth decided that he'd rather get shot right there and killed then go back and go to court.
  • Booth's Death

    Booth's Death
    Eventually, Boston Corbett, shot Booth. People were a little upset, because they didn't want him dead, they wanted to bring him back to Stanton as sort of a prize.
  • Execution of Conspirators

    Execution of Conspirators
    On July 7, Mary Surratt, David Herold, Geroge Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell hung to their deaths.