Abraham Lincoln's Life Leading Up to Presidency

  • Birth

    Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky to Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks.
  • Mother's Death

    Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks, died at the age of 34. She was died during an epidemic of a disease called milk sickness which is a disease that comes about from drinking the milk of a cow who ate a poisonous plant. Because of the timing of her death, it is theorized that "milk sickness" was the cause.
  • First Political Speech

    Abraham Lincoln makes his first political speech. It was about the advantages and why navigation on the Sangamon River should be improved.
  • Becomes a Candidate

    Abraham Lincoln becomes a candidate for Illinois General Assembly.
  • Black Hawk War

    Abraham Lincoln enlists in the Black Hawk War.
  • Loses Election

    Abraham Lincoln loses the election for Illinois General Assembly.
  • Started Studying Law

    Abraham Lincoln began to study law. He didn't go to any particular school. In fact, he only had about a year and a half total of formal schooling. He self educated himself by reading books.
  • Elected to General Assembly

    Abraham Lincoln is elected to the Illinois General Assembly, in which he previously lost the election.
  • Re-Elected

    Abraham Lincoln is re-elected to the Illinois General Assembly.
  • Recieves Law License

    Abraham Lincoln recieves his law license.
  • Gains a Partner in Law

    Abraham Lincoln is established as a law partner of John T. Stuart.
  • Practices as a Lawyer in the 8th Judicial Circuit

    Abraham Lincoln practices as a lawyer in the 8th Judicial Circuit in Illinois.
  • Admissioned to the Circuit Court

    Abraham Lincoln is admission into the Circuit Court.
  • Presents First Case

    Abraham Lincoln presents his first case as a lawyer in Illinois Supreme Court.
  • Begins to suffer from depression.

    Abraham Lincoln begins to suffer from depression.
  • Gets New Law Partnership

    Abraham Lincoln gets a new law partnership with Stephen T. Logan.
  • Marries Mary Todd

    Abraham Lincoln marries Mary Todd after being engaged, breaking engagement, and then being engaged again.
  • Fails to get Whig nomination for US Congress

    Abraham Lincoln tries for a Whig nomination for US Congress, but fails.
  • Has first son

    Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd have their first born son, Robert Todd Lincoln.
  • Sets Up Own Law Practice

    Abraham Lincoln sets up his own law practice, also dissolving his partnership with Stephen T. Logan.
  • Second Son is Born

    Abraham Lincoln's second son, Edward Baker Lincoln, is born.
  • Gets Whig Nomination for Us Congress

    Abraham Lincoln gets, what previously failed, Whig nominated for US Congress.
  • Elected to House of Representatives

    Abraham Lincoln gets elected to the US House of Representatives.
  • Leaves Politics to Practice Law

    Abraham Lincoln leaves the career in politics to go back to practicing law in Springfield.
  • Edward Baker Dies

    Edward, Abraham Lincoln's second born son, dies of pulminary turberculosis at the age of 4.
  • Third Son is Born

    William Wallace Lincoln, nicknamed "Willie", is born.
  • Fourth Son is Born

    Thomas Lincoln, nicknamed "Tad", is born.
  • Elected to Illinois Legislature, But Declines

    Abraham Lincoln is elected to Illinois Legislature, but declines it to run for US Senator. He loses in the year 1855.
  • Nominated at Republican Us Senator

    Abraham Lincoln is nominated for US Senator for Illinois, opposing the Domocratic Stephen A. Douglas, who wins.
  • Nominated as Republic Candidate for Presidency

  • Nominated 16th President of the United States