Chasing Lincoln's Killer

  • Lincoln's Inauguration Speech

    Lincoln's Inauguration Speech
    "Fondly do we hope..." Viewing from the stands was John Wilkes Booth.
  • Union Wins!

    Union Wins!
    The North was celebrating the victory of the fall of the Confederacy. They celebrated by having a bonfire, parades, gunshots, fireworks, and The Grand Illumination.
  • Confederate Surrender

    The surrender of the Confederacy by General Robert E. Lee to Union General Grant at Appomattox.
  • Lincoln's Humorous Speech

    From the Executive Mansion, President Lincoln asks the band to play Dixie (Confederate Anthem) to celebrate the Union victory.
  • Parade

    Thousands of people gathered in a semi-circle at the Executive Mansion driveway to celebrate the good news.
  • The Grand Illumination

    Washington and its resident lit candles, torches, fireworks, and gaslights all around the city to celebrate the win.
  • Assassination(s) of Good Friday

    Union celebrations continued. John Wilkes Booth was depressed at the loss of his beloved Confederacy. This is the day in which Booth infiltrated the President's box and shot him in the head. It was his last day onstage. Powell also attempted to kill the Secretary of State, William H. Seward. He didn't succeed and he left a son dead. The manhunt for Booth has commenced and Stanton (a close friend and army general) has organized it.
  • Abraham Lincoln Dies and Mudd is Introduced

    The Manhunt for John Wilkes Booth and David Herold begins. President Abraham Lincoln dies in a boardinghouse. It is the very early morning of April 15, 1865. John Wilkes Booth and David Harold have taken refuge at a friend of Booth's; Dr. Samuel A. Mudd. He is Anti-Union and was a part of the Presidential Kidnapping Plan that Booth organized. He is helping fix Booth's fibula and giving them a place to stay. He hasn't heard the news about the President yet.
  • Thomas Jones Helps JWB and Herold

    Booth and Herold arrive at Cox’s house. They were told to hide in a wood pine thicket where nobody would check. Thomas Jones was retrieved and sent to go help Booth and Herold. Atzerodt went to a party and accidentally made a joke that sealed his fate. Someone would turn him in and the information he told. Mudd would send his cousin to tell the Union troops that he received helped some weird strangers yesterday. This would give the fugitives is a headstart. The Manhunters didn't have any leads.
  • Minor Arrests in Manhunt for JWB

    In the morning, Thomas Jones supplies Booth and Herold with food. Soldiers come to the thicket but don’t see them. This convinces Booth and Herold to stay in hiding. Mudd’s relative gives the tip to the troops. Herold shoots the horses to be more stealthy. The occupants of the Surratt boarding house are arrested and questioned. Sam Arnold, MichaelO’Laughlen, and Edman Spangler arrested. Stanton divvied up work around the manhunt.
  • Mudd is Questioned and Booth Learns About His Deed

    Jones comes back with food and newspapers for Booth. Booth reads about his deed in how people are reacting. It doesn't look too good. Booth explains in the datebook why he killed Lincoln. Soldiers questioned Mudd and searched his property. They didn't find anything. He said that he had helped some strangers that came by a couple of days ago.
  • Lincoln's Casket is Pulled Through Washington

    Lincoln's casket is pulled through Washington for all the public to see. This was one of the saddest events in the history of the United States. They took the casket to Springfield where Lincoln lived. The Manhunters searched Asia Booth Clark’s house and took anything related to John Wilkes Booth.
  • Booth and Herold Sail the Potomac River

    George Atzerodt is arrested. He confessed everything. There is another reward for $100,000 for the capture of John Wilkes Booth, David Herold, and John Surratt. John Wilkes Booth and David Herold went on the Potomac River but sailed in the wrong direction. They stopped the boat. Mudd was questioned and he admitted that he realized that he had helped John Wilkes Booth after the fact. Jones would be soon imprisoned for helping Booth and Herold escape.
  • Booth and Herold Hide in Mayland While Manhunters Pursue a Lead

    Booth and Herold hide in Maryland until the night. The Manhunters got a solid lead after a very long time searching.
  • Booth and Herold Get Shelter Again

    After nightfall, Booth and Herold sail across the Potomac River to Virginia. They set foot on Virginia soil and get horses from Elizabeth Quesenberry. From there, they go to Dr. Stuart’s house where they are fed and sent on their way.
  • Richard Garrett and Family is Introduced

    Booth and Herold are sheltered at a neighbor's cabin. They then get transported by the same neighbors who sheltered them to Port Conway. They see some Confederate soldiers who accompany them across the water. A fisherman ferries them. They then go to the house of Richard Garrett who houses and feeds Booth. Herold and the soldiers will stay in town until the next day.
  • Booth and Herold are Locked In the Tobacco As Union Troops Approach

    There's $140,000 reward issue. Richard Garrett is now housing JWB. Soldiers come to that very same area where Booth is. The Union tracked one of the Confederate soldiers that helped Booth and made him lead them to Booth. After seeing the union troops, Booth and Herold request more shelter with the Garretts. They stay in the Tobacco Barn. They are locked in by the Garrett sons as a precaution.
  • Booth is Shot

    The Cavalry arrives at Garrett‘s farm. They surround the barn and David Herold comes out. He surrenders himself and is arrested. The soldiers then proceeded to burn the barn to flush out Booth. Just as Booth was about to come outside of the barn, he was shot through a crack in the barn in the neck, through his spinal column. He is carried to the porch. He says his final words. His pockets are emptied. His body is wrapped a blanket and transported back to Washington by carriage.
  • Mary Surratt, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell are Hanged

    Mary Surratt, David Herold, George Atzerodt, and Lewis Powell are hanged. They would die for helping John Wilkes Booth.