Chasing Lincoln's Killer - Clint

  • Meeting

    Booth meet's with his conspirators. ( 8:00 PM ) - photo of his band of conspirators
  • Ford's Arrival

    Ford's  Arrival
    Lincoln arrives at fords' theater. ( *8:30 pm )
    The play has already begun, but they stopped to celebrate the president's arrival.
  • Assassination

    Lincoln is shot in Ford's theather's president box ( 10:13 PM )
  • Powell Attempts To Kill Secrety Of State Seward ( about 10:00 )

    Powell Attempts To Kill Secrety Of State Seward ( about 10:00 )
    After attempting to persuade Seward's servant he had a medical package to deliver, Powell pushed past the servant after being denied, and was confronted by the secrety's son, Frederick, on the third floor. Powell shot at, missed, and pistol whipped Frederick. He fractured the skull and rendered his firearm useless. He also stabbed Augustus, another son, then rushed to sewards room. He attacked seward's body guard, a male nurse, Seward's daughter, the oldest son, and a messenger, when exiting.
  • Booth crosses the bridge

    Booth crosses the bridge
    Booth manages to talk a guard into allowing him to pass through Washington, after the gates where closed. ( 10:40 )
  • Powell is abandoned

    Powell is abandoned
    Harold leaves Powell on the night of the assassination attempt after he heard Seward's servant shout "Murder!" into the streets. ( Approximately 10:00 ) - Photograph of powell
  • George Atzerodt

    George Atzerodt
    Atzerodt spends his night losing his sobriety, then realizing that he didn't want to follow through with the plot; so he didn't kill the vice president as he was tasked with.
  • Booth Meets Herold

    Booth Meets Herold
    Booth meets his guide, Herold, who is suppose to escort him and teach him of the wilderness, as he is a city man. ( 11:00 ) - photo of them crossing the potomac
  • Lincoln Is Moved

    Lincoln Is Moved
    Lincoln is escorted through a muddy road and into a safe house, exiting the theater. ( 11:50)
  • Extra! Extra!

    Extra! Extra!
    News of the assassinations spread. ( Seward, Lincoln ) ( 10:30 - 11 )
  • Dr. Leale's Performance

    Dr. Leale's Performance
    ( 10:30 ) Doctor Leale rushes to treat Lincoln's body, that of which is currently unconscious. On his arrival, he spotted a large clot of blood, which he kept releasing over time. After giving the brain a good relief, he went on to make an airway; sticking two fingers down the President's esophagus. He allowed Laura Keene to hold the president, before he was then transferred across the street to the peterson house. This is referenced to in a separate piece of information.
  • Lincoln's Death

    Lincoln's Death
    Abraham Lincoln's cause of death was an assasination, at 7:22 pm, fords theater.
  • Black Easter

    Black Easter
    On Easter Sunday of 1865, Washington went from rejoicing to mourning. All around the country, members of churches stayed up all night to compose sermons, for the newly deceased Lincoln. Earlier on in the day, Booth and Herold reached their second sanctuary, the Cox House. The Cox house has was owned by Samuel Cox, a fellow, loyal Confederate member.
  • Paging Dr. Mudd

    Paging Dr. Mudd
    Before dawn, on April 15, Booth and Herold finally got to their first sanctuary; Mudd's farm. In their time here, they received food, and could rest. During their resting period, the first cavalry patrol would ride down from Washington into Maryland, where Mudd's farm was located. The thirteenth calvary could have come their, but the two fugitives could have escaped by the time they would arrive.
  • Pine Thicket

    Pine Thicket
    Herold & Booth hideaway in a pine thicket near Thomas Jones, the confederate spy's home. * APRIL 16 - 17 *
  • Captures

    About 10:00, Surrat and Powell are captured.
  • Adzerodt

    Adzerodt was arrested on this day.
  • Jones Guides

    Jones Guides
    Jones guides Herold and Booth out to the river, and shows them the route that they can take to escape northern territory. * at night *
  • Confession

    Dr. Samuel A. Mudd comes clean that he knowingly housed booth, and covered him form the calvary whenever he could've come clean, and ended the man hunt hardly after it began.
  • Dead, Not Alive

    Dead, Not Alive
    Booth dies from ballistic trauma; a bullet was shot at night, by Boston Corbett, and he died at dawn of the historic showdown. ( 6:00 am )
  • Execution Day

    Execution Day
    Mary Surratt Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt are hanged in the publicity of Fort McNair.