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Chasing Lincolns Killer

By April H
  • Booth Returns To Washington

    Booth Returns To Washington
    Crushed by the fall of Richmond, the former rebel caption John Wilkes Booth left New York City and returned to Washington
  • Lincoln Greets Citizens

    Lincoln Greets Citizens
    Abraham Lincoln appeared at a second floor window of the Executive Mansion to greet a crowd of citizens celebrating General Lee's surrender. Lincoln did not have a prepared speech. He used humor to entertain the audience
  • Torchlight Parade

    Torchlight Parade
    On the night of April 11, a torchlight parade of a few thousand people, with bands and banners, assembled on the semicircular driveway in front of the Executive Mansion. Lincoln delivered a long speech without gloating over the Union victory.
  • Conspirator Meeting

    Conspirator Meeting
    At 8:00pm John Wilks Booth meets with fellow compirators to make a plan to kill President Lincoln, Vice President Johnson, and Secretary of State William Suratt.
  • Lincolns Arrival

    Lincolns Arrival
    At 8:30pm Lincoln, along with Mary, Henry Rathbone, and Clara Harris arrive at the theater in a big black carriage. Lincoln entry to Ford's Theater was majestic and simple. He arrived with no crowds of guards or staff, and no announcement to the audience.
  • Booth Leaves the Theater

    Booth Leaves the Theater
    At 9:00pm Booth was still on schedule and after hearing some familiar dialogue, Booth would know to the minute how much time remained in the performance. He knew he had at least another hour, Booth left Ford's to go to the saloon nearby to get a drink
  • People Fill Streets

    People Fill Streets
    From 10:30 to 11:00pm people spilled out from the theater onto the streets, there were more than 1,500 people. They went in all directions and block by block spread the news of Lincolns assassination. Men ran or galloped to the White House, War Department, and the homes of cabinet officers.
  • Lincoln is Shot

    Lincoln is Shot
    At 10:00pm Booth withdrew his weapons. In his right hand was the .44 caliber Derringer pistol, and in his left the sharp Rio Grande camp knife. Booth listened to the dialogue on stage but knew there were to many actors on stage. Booth listened and knew then in a few moments that Harry Hawk would be alone on stage and say a line that would make such laughter it would drown out the sound, hopefully of a pistol shot. At exactly 10:13pm John Wilks Booth shot Lincoln.
  • Booth is in Danger

    Booth is in Danger
    At 3:00pm Booth was in grave danger, only Samuel Mudd stood between him and disaster
  • Booth & Herold at Mudd's House

    Booth & Herold at Mudd's House
    At 5:00am Booth and Herold were at Mudds house. Dr. Samuel A. Mudd helped Booth and examined his leg. It was a broken fibula, Dr. Mudd improvised a splint for Booth. Samuel Mudd also offered them a place to stay, however unknown to Mudd he just extended his hospitality to Lincolns assassin and his accomplice.
  • Lincoln Dies

    Lincoln Dies
    5:50am-respiration was 28, and regular sleeping
    6:00am-pulse failing, respiration 28
    6:30am-pulse still failing and labored breathing
    7:20am-more than once they thought Lincoln passed, but he resisted death many times.
    Lincoln took his last breath and his heart stopped beating at 7:22 and 10 seconds. Stanton wrote a telegram that would transmit the sad news to the nation. It said "Abraham Lincoln died this morning at 22 minutes after 7 o'clock."
  • George Atzerodt's Location

    George Atzerodt's Location
    At 8:00am George Atzerodt had walked to George Town, on the way to his cousins house. He showed up a Matthews & Co.'s store and paid a call on an acquaintance. Atzerodt left the store with money and continued his journey. He would leave Washington and go to a place where he thought he would be safe.
  • Mudd Returns

    Mudd Returns
    Midd returned to the farm at 6:00pm, he was alone and brought no calvary
  • Edwin Stanton

    Edwin Stanton
    On the night of April 16 Stanton still had no idea of Booths location or destination
  • Arrests

    Sam Arnold, Micheal O'Laughlen, and Edman Spangler were arrested. Many other people in the theater were rounded up including the Fords. Lewis Powell was arrested
  • Jones 3rd Visit

    Jones 3rd Visit
    In the morning Jones went to Booth and Herold a 3rd time taking food and newspapers.
  • Soldiers Question the Mudds

    Soldiers Question the Mudds
    Soldiers went to the Mudd's farm and questioned them. They were questioned again by calvary on the 20th.
  • Lincolns Funeral

    Lincolns Funeral
    In Washington in the morning was Lincolns funeral. It was the most solemn day in the history of the nation.
  • George Atzerodt Was Arrested

    George Atzerodt Was Arrested
    George Atzerodt was arrested
  • Booth & Herold Reach Virginia

    Booth & Herold Reach Virginia
    Booth and Herold reached Virginia nine days after the assassination.
  • Samuel A. Mudd Arrested

    Samuel A. Mudd Arrested
    Soldiers arrested Dr. Samuel A. Mudd.
  • The Calvary is Coming

    The Calvary is Coming
    The Sixteenth New York Calvary rode into Port Conway late afternoon. At 4:00pm two horseman, Ruggles and Bainbridge told Herold and Booth that Union Calvary was coming. At 9:00pm Booth and Herold Settled for the night in the tobacco barn, the Garrets locked them in. At 11:00pm Calvary patrol approached Bowling Green in search of Jeff Willie
  • Booth is Shot

    Booth is Shot
    On April 26, 1865 John Wilks Booth is shot by Corbet he dies a while later at the Garrets farm.
  • Hangings

    Mary Surrat, Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt were hung and died at 1:26pm.