Abe Lincoln Biography Book Report

  • Abe Lincoln is born

    This was the day that Tom Lincoln and his wife Nancy Lincoln had Abe Lincoln.
  • How Abe Lincoln got the name Abraham

    Abraham Lincoln was named after one of the names in the bible called Abraham and he couldof also got it from his great grandfather because his name is Abraham too.
  • Abe Lincoln Growing up

    Abe lincoln spent the rest of his childhood in the cabin he was born in Kentucky.
  • Abe and the Lincoln family move to Knob Creek

    When Lincoln was two years old, his family moved several miles down the road to a 230-acre farm, named for the creek running through the land and its characteristic knob-shaped hills.
  • Wanting to read and write

    When Abe was still seven years old he would walk four miles to the Kobe Creek school just to learn how to read and write.
  • Living in Kobe Creek

    The Lincoln family lived in Kobe Creek from the time that Abe was 2 to the time where Abe was a little over 7
  • Ready to work

    By the time ABe lincoln was 13-14 years of age he was ready to work so he began to help his dad working out in the fields.
  • Abe Licoln and Women Voting

    Abe Licoln wanted women to be able to vote
  • Abe Lincoln runs for State Legisaluter

    Already in 1836, he first ran for a seat in the state legislature. He lost.
  • Abe lincoln becomes a state legaslature

    but two years later he ran agian and was successful in 1836.
  • State to Springfield

    Lincoln and eight friends are successful in passing a bill to
    move the state capital from Vandalia to Springfield.
  • Abe Lincoln becomes a attonery in Springfield

    In March of 1837, he was enrolled as an attorney in Springfield.
  • Abe Lincoln marries Mary Todd Lincoln

    This is the day that Abe Lincioln married his wife.
  • Congressmen

    With an unprecedented majority of 1,511 votes over his
    Democratic opponent Rev. Peter Cartwright, Lincoln is the
    only one among seven congressmen elected from Illinois.
  • Abe lost first bid

    He lost in his first bid for a presidential ticket. The unknown Lincoln was an unsuccessful vice presidential candidate in 1856 at the Republican convention.
  • Chosen to run for U.S. Senate

    Lincoln is chosen by Illinois Republicans to run for the U.S. Senate so he can give his House divided speech.
  • So Close But not Yet

    Although Lincoln gets a majority of the votes in the election,
    Stephen Douglas is re-elected because of gerrymandered
    legislative districts.
  • The Only One

    Abraham Lincoln is the only president in American history to hold a patent.
  • Lost Five

    Lincoln lost five separate elections before being elected president.
  • The First Republicain to be Elcected to U.S President

    Lincoln becomes the first Republican to be elected President of
    the United States.
  • Lincoln Is Nominated

    Lincoln is nominated for President on the third ballot by the
    Republican National Convention in Chicago.
  • Abe lincoln Elected to be president

    This was the day that Abe Lincoln was elected to be our next U.S President.
  • Our 16th President

    Lincoln is the 16th President of the United States.
  • Civil War/Real World Event

    The Civil War Began Before Lincoln was put into office as the President of the US.
  • Union Blockcades/Real World Event

    This was to maintained blockades on Atlantic and Gulf Coast ports of the Confederate States of America designed to prevent the passage of trade goods, supplies, and arms to and from the Confederacy.
  • First State of Bull/Real World Event

    This was a First State of Bull run during the Civil War that the Confederate forces did.
  • Abe Lincoln took office

    This was the day that Abe Lincoln official became the President of the United States
  • Abe Lincoln moves to Springfield

    When Lincoln arrived in the new capital of Illinois, he boarded with friends and stayed in country inns and farmhouses while traveling the legal circuit, which covered several counties. After he married Mary Todd in November 1842, they lived briefly at the Globe Tavern
  • War In Europe/Real World Event

    This was when Otto von Bismarck returns to Berlin to become the Prime Minister and his aim to unite Germany States results into a huge war with the U.S.
  • Abe Lincoln gives gettyburgs address

    This was the day that Abe Lincoln gave the Gettyburgs Address this is what he was known best for.
  • The Funeral of Abe Lincoln

    The funeral train reaches its destination in Springfield at 9:00 a.m.The body of Abe Licoln to the Illinois State Capitol building.
  • Pronounced Dead

    ABe Licoln is pronounced dead at 7:22 am in the home of Wiliiam Peterson
  • Abe Licoln is Buried

    Lincoln is buried in Oak Ridge Cemetery, Springfield.
  • The Thirteenth Admendment/Real world event

    The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution officially abolished and continues to prohibit slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime.
  • Abe lincoln death/assassinated

    John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor and Confederate sympathizer, fatally shot President Abraham Lincoln at a play at Ford’s Theatre in Washington
  • Indian Wars/Real World Event

    Red Cloud leads his tribe into battle against white settlers in Montana and Wyoming on the Bozeman Trail.
  • The Austro-Prussian War/Real World Event

    This war was fought between Prussia and Austria, Hanover, Bavaria and Saxony. Its conclusive battle was at Königggratz in Bohemia on July 3rd, when the Prussian army beat the Austrian and Saxon ones.
  • Reconstruction Following Civil War/Real World Event

    Congress removed the civilian governments in the South in 1867 and put the former Confederacy under the rule of the U.S. Army. The army then conducted new elections in which the elections freed slaves.
  • Fourteenth Admendment/Real World Event

    Section 1 of the Amendment was to deny citizenship to slaves and It states that all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction.
  • Wyoming gives right for woman to vote/Real World Event

    Wyoming becomes the first state to let woman vote