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Abraham Lincoln

  • Birth of Thomas Lincoln

    Birth of Thomas Lincoln
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln, was born. He was born in Rockingham County, Virginia.
  • Birth of Nancy Hanks

    Birth of Nancy Hanks
    Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks (Lincoln) is born on this date. She was born in Hampshire County, Virginia.
  • Marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks

    Marriage of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks
    On this date, Thomas and Nancy Lincoln were married. The future parents of Abraham Lincoln, they were married three years before giving birth to this legendary figure in U.S History.
  • Birth of Sarah Lincoln

    Birth of Sarah Lincoln
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln's older sister, who cared for Abraham in his younger years, was born.
  • Birth

    This was the date on which Abraham Lincoln was born in Hardin County, Kentucky. He was born in a very small log cabin.
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    Birth and Death of Thomas Lincoln

    Sometime in this year, Thomas Lincoln (Abraham's brother, not father) was born and also unfortunately died as an infant.
  • Mother's death

    Mother's death
    Abraham Lincoln's mother, Nancy Lincoln, dies on this date. She dies of "milk sickness," a disease caused by drinking the milk from cows which had eaten poisonous plants.
  • Birth of Mary Todd

    Birth of Mary Todd
    This marks the date when Mary Todd, Lincoln's future wife, was born.
  • Death of Sarah Lincoln

    Death of Sarah Lincoln
    Lincoln's older sister, Sarah Lincoln, dies on this date during childbirth.
  • First Speech Against Slavery

    First Speech Against Slavery
    This date marks the first time Abraham Lincoln spoke out against slavery. This is the first of events that would eventually lead to Lincoln passing the Emancipation Proclamation and freeing slaves.
  • Relocation to Springfield

    Relocation to Springfield
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln moved to Springfield, IL. He moved there to practice law. He stays here until 1861, when he is inaugurated into Presidential Office.
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    Lincoln Meets His Wife

    Sometime during this month, Abraham Lincoln met his wife, Mary Todd. He met her in Springfieldm IL and they were engaged shortly afterward.
  • "The Fatal First"

    "The Fatal First"
    This date was dubbed "The Fatal First" because this is the one of Abraham Lincoln's worst days. Because Lincoln was in debt, and because a man by the name of Ninian Edwards told him that, because of this predicament, a prestigious family like Mary's would not accept Lincoln, he knew he would not be able to keep Molly happy. Thus, he ended their relationship then and there.
  • Marriage of Lincoln and Todd

    Marriage of Lincoln and Todd
    After nearly two years, Lincoln decided that, after meeing Mary again at a party, that he wanted to get married, and on this date, the long overdue wedding finally happened.
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    In this year, the Lincolns buy a house.
  • U.S House of Represenatives

    U.S House of Represenatives
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln is elected to the U.S House of Representatives. He is part of the Whig Party.
  • Death of Father

    Death of Father
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln's father, Thomas Lincoln, tragically dies. He died in Coles County, Illinois.
  • Election as President

    Election as President
    Abraham Lincoln is elected as President to the U.S on this date.
  • Inauguration

    On this day, Lincoln is inaugurated as President. In his inaugural speech, he, among other things, that he wanted to preserve the union. He also talked about slavery, but this did not stop the South from secession shortly afterward.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Emancipation Proclamation
    On this date, Abraham Lincoln passes the Emancipation Proclamation. This document did not free slaves, but it DID help us to side with the British, and helped the Union win the war still.
  • Gettysburg Address

    Gettysburg Address
    On this day, Lincoln gives the Gettysburg Address, in which he honored the bravery of soldiers in the civil war. This was a short but very Revolutionary speech.
  • Re-election

    On this day, Abraham Lincoln was re-elected to serve a second term as POTUS.
  • Last Public Address

    Last Public Address
    On this date, the Civil War was considered to be over after Lee had surrendered his army. In this public address, Lincoln's last, he recommended giving voting rights to African Americans. In his exact words: "It is also unsatisfactory to some that the elective franchise is not given to the colored man."
  • Shooting of Lincoln

    Shooting of Lincoln
    On this day, while Abraham Lincoln is watching a presentation of "Our American Cousin" at the Ford Theatre, he is shot by John Wilkes Booth, an actor.
  • Death of Abraham Lincoln

    Death of Abraham Lincoln
    This date marks the very tragic death of Abraham Lincoln. It was caused by the bullet wound that was caused when he was shot by John Wilkes Booth just a few hours earlier.
  • Death of John Wilkes Booth

    Death of John Wilkes Booth
    John Wilkes Booth is killed on this day after being shot by a man named Sgt. Boston Corbett. He died in Virginia in a barn.
  • Thirteenth Amendment

    Thirteenth Amendment
    The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution, which Lincoln supported, was passed on this day. This law freed the slaves which were not freed by the Emancipation Proclamation.
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    Lincoln: Best President

    Sometime in this month, Lincoln was ranked as the Best President of All Time by Historians. This was shortly after his 200th birthday, exact date unknown.