abraham lincoln dayana 805

  • was born

    was born
    Abraham Lincoln was born in the vicinity of the city of Hodgenville, the state of Kentucky, on February 12, 1809
  • lived in

     lived in
    was born in a humble cabin built in the vicinity of Hodgenville as the second son of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks
  • He started his study

     He started his study
    Lincoln enters the school to learn the basic knowledge of reading, writing and mathematics, however, he considered that he learned more in the field
  • he went to

    he went to
    The following year, the family left for Indiana due to the attempts to confiscate the land they bought and worked, it was necessary to go to a place where the property right was guaranteed.
  • a lost

    a lost
    Nancy contracted a hypocalcemia that causes death, that same day they built their coffin that Abraham then decorated with ribbons.
  • new mother

    new mother
    Thomas meets Sara Bush, a woman who was also widowed and would later marry. Abraham congenia well with his new mother along with the three children she brought with her.
  • is transferred

     is transferred
    the family moves again, this time to Decatur in the state of Illinois. In this place Abraham Lincoln would perform the job of rower of a batel
  • he leaves

    he leaves
    Abraham reaches the age considered so that a young man can take advantage of himself, so he returns to Illinois to settle in the newly founded city of Salem.
  • soldier?

    The Black Hawk War broke out, in this confrontation between settlers and Sank Indians disputed lands near the Mississippi. Abraham Lincoln decides to enroll in military service, quickly obtaining the mandate of a small platoon due to his attitudes as a soldier
  • candidate

    Upon returning to Salem he enjoyed the recognition of his neighbors, who encouraged him to participate in the elections for the state legislature in the Whig party, which ended in defeat
  • new jobs

     new jobs
    Thanks to the help of some friends, Abraham gets the position of postmaster, but the scarce income forced him to do other jobs to guarantee a good livelihood. By becoming an assistant to the county surveyor, you can devote time to your self-study studies of geometry, trigonometry and rectangular surveying
  • victory

    In 1834 he again ran for the legislature, obtaining the victory.
    Motivated by one of Whig's party bosses, he devotes himself to the study of laws
  • bachelor's degree

     bachelor's degree
    He graduated in law for the year of 1836. In December of that same year he participated in the tenth general assembly of Illinois, in which he took an active part in the development of laws and reforms, also manifesting his position against slavery, for being a unfair model that reflects a bad policy
  • changes

    Lincoln at that time suffered severe mood swings ranging from passionate to depressed, the reason was the death of his first romantic interest: Ann Rutledge, a fact that left him a short time abstracted from any activity that was unfolding.
  • gets married

     gets married
    he married Mary Todd, a lady from a well-to-do family with good relations with whom she has three children
  • chosen one

    chosen one
    es elegido como un miembro de la cámara de representantes en Washington, en este lugar ganó detractores por su participación en los movimientos abolicionistas
  • opposition

    besides criticizing the United States-Mexico War that led to the incorporation of Texas and New Mexico as North American States
  • abandonment

    This position against the expansion of the US territory cost him a considerable sum of votes in the senate elections in 1849, causing him to abandon politics and only dedicate himself to the legal profession.
  • return

    After approximately five years in anonymity and after the Whig party disintegrated, Abraham Lincoln reappears as a founding member of the Republican Party in Illinois, to fight the positions of Senator Stephen
  • proposal

    The debates that maintained with this one, caused that the name of Abraham Lincoln took fame beyond Illinois, shaping it towards end of 1859 like possible candidate to the presidency
  • you accept

    you accept
    Although he hesitated to accept, he entered the year of 1860 and accepted the proposal. The campaign of Abraham Lincoln proclaims three fundamental factors: the abolition of slavery, land distribution in the west of the country and the trade of own products. Despite the lack of political experience, the charisma and capacity
  • new stage

    new stage
    Lincoln's oratory capacity won the sympathy of the voters, who considered it the best option to run the country. The response of the slave states was immediate, disqualifying Lincoln, separating from the United States to consolidate the Confederate States of America. When not seeing a possibility of agreement, on April 12, 1861, the Civil War broke out.
  • leadership

    The quick analysis and leadership of Lincoln in the handling of the troops with the help of General Ulysses S. Grant, added to the Proclamation of emancipation of the blacks, helped to weaken the forces of the opposite side.
  • finished?

    By 1864 his first presidential term ended and he ran for re-election promising to end wars
  • end

    obtaining in 1865 the continuity of his government and the ceasefire.
    Lincoln hoped to finish his second term to retire definitively from politics and only play law in Springfieldend
  • death

    On April 14, while he and his wife attended the performance of Our American Cousin at the Ford Theater, a man entered his box taking advantage of an oversight in the surveillance, giving him a fatal shot to the head. Although he was treated promptly, he died at seven in the morning of the next day.